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Hi, can I get more details on this?

Seems you are looking for a design systems lead :thinking:

Is Libre Lingo trying to create a design system?

Hi, sure, what details are you interested in?

Hi, I wouldn’t talk about leads, or even very formal positions for now. There isn’t an organization behind LibreLingo (yet).

I am looking for someone who is interested and somewhat invested in this though.

You could call it a design system, but if you check out the app, you’ll see that it’s quite simple (for now) :slight_smile: At least from a design perspective anyway.

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So more of a product designer right? Can I have a link to the app?

@kantord I’m interested in helping. What’s the best way to reach you?

Hi @ayoolafelix and everyone who wants to get involved

Thank you for showing interest in LibreLingo!

Sorry if it’s not super easy to get started. This is currently a project that I’m doing on evening and weekends beside my full time job, so sometimes I’m slow to reply, and I have limited time for this due to my other obligations.

Working on LibreLingo will thus require a lot of your own initiative. If you want to get involved, the best way to start is by looking at the GitHub repository: GitHub - kantord/LibreLingo: 🐢 🌎 📚 an experiment to create a community driven language-learning platform

There you can find links to the current app as well as an article about LibreLingo, and a link to an instant messaging platform where you can engage with more people interested in LibreLingo.

This thread might be one of the most relevant for you: Switch to a more gamy theme · Issue #618 · kantord/LibreLingo · GitHub

From what I can deduce, you need a product designer, is that right? If yes, how do we begin, note that I’m not a pro, but I’m willing to build this with you if you’ll be patient enough.