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Hi, can I get more details on this?

Seems you are looking for a design systems lead :thinking:

Is Libre Lingo trying to create a design system?

Hi, sure, what details are you interested in?

Hi, I wouldn’t talk about leads, or even very formal positions for now. There isn’t an organization behind LibreLingo (yet).

I am looking for someone who is interested and somewhat invested in this though.

You could call it a design system, but if you check out the app, you’ll see that it’s quite simple (for now) :slight_smile: At least from a design perspective anyway.

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So more of a product designer right? Can I have a link to the app?

@kantord I’m interested in helping. What’s the best way to reach you?

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Hi @ayoolafelix and everyone who wants to get involved

Thank you for showing interest in LibreLingo!

Sorry if it’s not super easy to get started. This is currently a project that I’m doing on evening and weekends beside my full time job, so sometimes I’m slow to reply, and I have limited time for this due to my other obligations.

Working on LibreLingo will thus require a lot of your own initiative. If you want to get involved, the best way to start is by looking at the GitHub repository: GitHub - kantord/LibreLingo: 🐢 🌎 📚 an experiment to create a community driven language-learning platform

There you can find links to the current app as well as an article about LibreLingo, and a link to an instant messaging platform where you can engage with more people interested in LibreLingo.

This thread might be one of the most relevant for you: Switch to a more gamy theme · Issue #618 · kantord/LibreLingo · GitHub

From what I can deduce, you need a product designer, is that right? If yes, how do we begin, note that I’m not a pro, but I’m willing to build this with you if you’ll be patient enough.

Hi there! stepping in to help out on this. It does seem like Libre Lingo want a good ‘generalist designer’ for their app/digital product so I think you’re right in that they need a product designer.

If I was taking on this project (I’m a 10+ years product designer haha) I would likely start with an Interface inventory project and a heuristic analysis of the current app:

Then you can explore competitor UI/UX research (into apps like Duolingo and Memerise etc.) and develop some UI concerts.

But those are just suggestions on how you could start this :smiley:

That’s intresting! Thanks for saying that, I would love to so that though I don’t know how to share my contributions with the team.

Ah I see! how familiar are you with adding issues on github?

What I would recommend is adding an issue here: Issues · kantord/LibreLingo · GitHub

and adding a ‘design’ label to it. There you can describe what you will work on improving for this tool.

If you’d like some github help I can offer a 30-60 min call via a video service to help you out :slight_smile:

This is really helpful, I will like to take you up on the offer of the call, could you send me an invite? I’ll work on adding the issue to the github.

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I’ll direct message you :smiley:

Hello! has this position been filled yet?

I don’t think so, myself and @ayoolafelix are having a call about how to approach the improvements but I certainly think it’ll be more than one designers worth of work :smiley:

I think if you both wanted to work together and collaborate then it would be good but that’s your choice. I’m sure you can contribute to Libre Lingo solo too

Hello! Need an extra helping hand on this project?

@ElenaEC @Swetha1 This job is more about finding work via their repo and self-organising I think - worth reaching out to the project via creating an issue and/or emailing them directly :smiley:

Thanks Eriol for the info!

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