Introductions (come in, say hi)

Hey there, Rajat Patel here from India.
So I had this idea around two years ago(when I started my career on design) that a lot of the open source tools are not as good looking as their paid counterparts, which results in less adoption of those tools, less contributors interests in them eventually resulting in less innovations on them.
I tried searching for what I could do but could not find much. Two years later, here I am extremely happy to find that there are other people who interested in the same which makes me extremely excited.

Also I am a product designer here in Delhi, India working on products mainly in the education and data management domain but I am really open to contribute in anyway I can. Let’s pace up guys! A lot is to be done.


Hi everyone,
I am Stella. I am a freelance designer working in Taipei now.
I have 4 years of experience in security, hotel, and institute start-up and focus on UX, UI design, including user research, interview, design planning… etc.
Looking forward to exploring and creating more design projects. : )


Hello, I am a student.I am very interested in programming.I’m glad I can join the organization.


hi @stepfencurryxiao, @rajatpatel2113, @zucci
Nice to have you with us at opensourcedesign! Have a look at existing posts to get to know what other members have taken interest in in the past and feel free to bring in new topics. If you are interested in web development tasks have a look at our issue tracker.

Hello! I’m Toeii (@Toeii Con Github)

I am a mobile project developer. I want to learn interactive design here. I’m glad to be here.


Hi @toeii,
Great to have you with us! Have a look at past posts and possibly at the job board to see what we do. Learning interactive design can be a bit difficult in open source since the fields have different traditions – but have a look and decide for yourself if it suits your learning needs (or come for the learning design and stay for something else!)

Hi everyone,

I’m Livio, a freelance illustrator and teacher using only FLOSS (mainly Krita and Inkscape). My website is

ps: I’m proud to have one of your stickers on my laptop (thanks to the person who brought them in LGM 2019).

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome @fanialivio

Glad you grabbed one of the stickers we left at LGM. @ei8fdb and I were there and had a blast :slight_smile:


Love your work, Livio! Welcome!

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Thanks! Actually, it’s curious, my talk was just after yours so I was very focused :slight_smile:

Aha! Now I know who you are. I saw your presentation! :slight_smile:

Sorry: I am just terrible with names :confused:

Hi everyone,

I’m an interaction design student living in Nantes, France.
I am an open-source lover since my parents let me approach a screen, and now I learning UX/UI and interaction design, I want to contribute with my modest means in this community.
I had this “revelation” after I was enrolled in Processing community thanks to the passion of one of my professors, and mainly my two experiences of leading workshops to initiate to this programming language.

I hope my efforts trying to convince my classmates that they should take a attentive look to open-source will pay one day and I could see them here.



I saw a presentation yesterday at City, University of London, by Bernard & Belen (thanks for taking the time to come and talk by the way!), and thought I’d head over here to check it out.

I’m Bekki, and I am a Design Researcher with the BBC, previously worked at GDS, on the GOV.UK Design System, so I’ve got some experience with the open source contribution world. Also had 7+ years experience in front-end development, so pretty well rounded!

Hoping to find some opportunities to flex my information architecture and interaction design muscles, and maybe spread some UCD practices around the FOSS world :world_map:


Hi @BekkiDoes

Thanks for coming to our presentation at City, and for joining us in the forum! Great to have more people based in London around.

As we mentioned briefly in the presentation, if you are in search of a project wanting design, you can head to the jobs board. Many of the requests are graphic design oriented, but there are other types of needs as well, so don’t despair! :wink:

If you would like to get more involved in the group, some of us will be going to ApacheCon Europe later in the year, and in September we’ll start preparations for FOSDEM.

You (and everybody else who has introduced themselves here) are most welcome to get involved. We’ll be aiming to have a day of sessions about design once more, plus a project stand and a design clinic. It’ll be busy! :slight_smile:


Hi @bekkiDoes a little bit late, but thanks fo coming to our talk. And you’re very welcome here!

We hope you find some interesting projects to contribute to.

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Hi @BekkiDoes
… like @ei8fdb I’m a bit late :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy the community. I am a design researcher, too. GDS and BBC sounds both pretty interesting!


My name is Aslan. I’m a design technologist with a focus in civic tech and an interest in Open Source. I’ve been working with a couple of non-profits here in Austin Texas and I’m trying to implement my design process in an open source way. Really excited to see that this community exists! I hope to become an active part of this community :smile:


Hey Guys!!
I’m Siddique. I’m a UX/UI Designer at MaidSafe ( Open Source Organisation ). I always wanted to contribute to open source projects, but as a designer I couldn’t able to do any. Hope I’ll contribute from here.

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Hi everyone! :tada:
I’m a Digital Designer from Portugal, currently working at an Open Source company and landing here after listening to @Erioldoesdesign talk at #DesignMatters Conference last week! :flight_departure:

Interested in contributing to design open source global archive and transparent positive community!
Looking for collaboration (part time) with social/human/animal/planet/life centric projects.
Thank you all for believing in more and better :smiley:


hello @MohSid,
hello @isamarnovais

Glad to have you here. I am Jan, a user researcher at Wikimedia and one of the admins of this discourse forum. Here are some things you can do to get started: