Introductions (come in, say hi)

(Peace Ojemeh) #83

Hi everyone,

I’m Peace Ojemeh(call me Perrie!) from Nigeria. I am an open source designer, I volunteer at Sugar Labs. I am also a founding member of Open Source Community Africa - a diverse community of open source lovers, collaborating on different projects to make a difference across Africa.

I’m here at OSD forum because I want to be part of an open source design community to relate with designers who do things around open Source

I’m glad to me here!


Hey everyone!

My name is Inês, i’m 23 years old and i’m a product designer from Portugal (Braga) working at SVHealth.

I’m here because I’d really like to contribute to open source projects, learn new things, share knowledge, and meet the community. Cheers!


Hi everyone,

I am Amit. I am a computational designer working in New York.
I work with buildings and structures and engineering. I’ve worked on a platform VR platform for architects and enjoy working on creative projects.
Looking forward to exploring on how I can get involved with OS design!

(John Mica) #86

Hi all,

I’m a Frontend Dev for a small company in Rugby, UK. I’m playing with both OSS and proprietary code and currently we are involved in an interesting project that should bring the OSS more mainstream, especially to the deciding factors in public government. The project is PublicCode Directory/ and is currently in its first iteration (sponsored by OpenUK, Public Code, FSFE and OpusVL.

I’m here to help get the word spread out, help out the community and do my part in getting OSS more mainstream and learn

(Naveen Vignesh B) #87

Hi. I am a full stack dev who is into contributing open source modules for UI. I would love to learn a lot from you people and get to know stuff.

(Rajat Patel) #88

Hey there, Rajat Patel here from India.
So I had this idea around two years ago(when I started my career on design) that a lot of the open source tools are not as good looking as their paid counterparts, which results in less adoption of those tools, less contributors interests in them eventually resulting in less innovations on them.
I tried searching for what I could do but could not find much. Two years later, here I am extremely happy to find that there are other people who interested in the same which makes me extremely excited.

Also I am a product designer here in Delhi, India working on products mainly in the education and data management domain but I am really open to contribute in anyway I can. Let’s pace up guys! A lot is to be done.

(stella) #89

Hi everyone,
I am Stella. I am a freelance designer working in Taipei now.
I have 4 years of experience in security, hotel, and institute start-up and focus on UX, UI design, including user research, interview, design planning… etc.
Looking forward to exploring and creating more design projects. : )

(stepfencurryxiao) #90

Hello, I am a student.I am very interested in programming.I’m glad I can join the organization.

(Jdittrich) #91

hi @stepfencurryxiao, @rajatpatel2113, @zucci
Nice to have you with us at opensourcedesign! Have a look at existing posts to get to know what other members have taken interest in in the past and feel free to bring in new topics. If you are interested in web development tasks have a look at our issue tracker.