In need of volunteer advisors/contributors for Teamnova's UX/UI design

Project Name: Teamnova

Project Demo:

Show HN Submission: Show HN: Empower the Next Generation of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) | Hacker News

Compensation: Gratis

Hi, everyone!

I’m Charlie, a full stack software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. I love building software side projects that can help others.

Teamnova, made in Vancouver with love, is on a mission to make mentorship in open source more accessible and inclusive.

While traditional Open Source Mentorship Programs (OSMPs) are excellent, they often lack a structured approach for effective team collaboration. The Apache maxim “Community Over Code” inspired me to think, “Why not create a new platform where mentors can help mentees improve both the hard and soft skills required for open source??” This is how the concept of Teamnova’s “S-Team” (Self-organizing Team) structure was born.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC), as one of the most prestigious OSMPs, is highly competitive. According to 2023 statistics, out of 43,765 applicants and 7,723 proposals submitted, only 967 GSoC contributors were accepted. We hope that Teamnova can help more people benefit from high-quality project-based mentorship programs like GSoC.

Teamnova will continue to be free and open source under the MIT license indefinitely. However, we anticipate that some fast-growing startups, such as Databricks (Apache Spark) and Confluent (Apache Kafka), and their respective open-source communities, will derive benefits from Teamnova open-source project in the future.

We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions as we continue to improve the “Open Source Design” of Teamnova. Feel free to contact us via or try out the demo platform at

We are enthusiastic about making high-quality project-based mentorship in open source more accessible and inclusive!


Hi, my name is Isabella and I’m from Brazil. I’m a junior UI Designer and I’ll be happy to contribute with your project!

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So this is like a mentoring/coaching matching project? happy to see if I can help but would love to hear more about the scaling plans re. mentoring and coaching.

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I’m a Wev Dev and I would love to help you.


My name is Eniz, and I’m a UX/UI Designer with 3 years of experience working in a design agency. I’d like to work on an open-source project in my free time.

Currently, I don’t have a portfolio to showcase my skills. If you’d like to test my abilities, feel free to send me a brief UX/UI task, and I’ll solve it. If you like how I handle the task, we can discuss potential collaboration.

In terms of my skills, I can highlight a very good understanding of design systems and their implementation and construction, also I’m familiar with Google Materials and iOS guidelines.

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Hi! I’m a UI/UX Designer and I’d love to volunteer :blush:

Been looking to work on open-source projects and I’m ready to do that to the best of my capacity.