In need of volunteer advisors/contributors for OpenDxD Badges MVP

Project Name: OpenDxD

Compensation: Gratis

Hi, everyone!

I’m Charlie, a full stack software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. I love building software side projects that can help others.

OpenDxD, made in Vancouver with love, is on a mission to make open source software more lovable. The idea of OpenDxD was inspired by an insightful interview with Máirín Duffy conducted by Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz (Design and code in the first Open Chat with Penpot - Events and Announcements - Penpot Community).

We are currently progressing with the development of the OpenDxD Badges MVP—a streamlined Open Badge system designed for the OpenDxD project to promote cross-functional collaboration between developers and designers in the open source way. The fundamental idea of the system enables designers to issue ‘Awesome Developer to Work With’ OpenDxD Badges, accompanied by thank you messages, to developers, and vice versa. This facilitates a culture of mutual recognition and appreciation among peers.

I’m a big fan of the exceptional design work showcased in the Fedora Badges project (Fedora Badges) and find it unfortunate that such badges are only available to Fedora project contributors. We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions as we continue to improve the ‘Open Source Design’ of the OpenDxD Badges. Feel free to contact us at

We are actively seeking advisors and contributors to help craft the templates for the ‘Awesome Developer to Work With’ and ‘Awesome Designer to Work With’ OpenDxD Badges. If you are passionate about contributing to our open source initiatives, please reach out and let us know. We greatly appreciate your skills and enthusiasm.

Hello Charlie,

I have reviewed your requirements and would love to assist you with the same. Let’s connect for a detailed discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon