Apply for Mozilla Open Leaders

The sixth cohort of Mozilla Open Leaders will kick off in September, and applications are open now!

It’s a 14-week program to guide project leaders through the process of working openly and designing their project for participation.
You learn alongside others in a really supportive community, you have 1:1 mentoring throughout the program, and have access to all sorts of experts from the Mozilla network.
Open Leaders started a few years ago with a focus on Open Science, but has now expanded to included all Open categories… and I’d love to see more Open Source Design projects in the mix. It’s suitable for complete beginners but also useful for more experienced people - I was already well steeped in the open source ethos before the program, but still found it very useful to have a framework for developing my project, and it has definitely improved my work considerably.

Here’s a blog post with more info:

If you are developing an Open Source Design project of any kind, please apply. Or, if you know somebody whose design project could benefit from open collaboration, please send them the link!

I’ve been through the program in cohort 4 as a participant (developing Cut, Copy & Paste) and recently mentored Beyond Activismo and We Are All Connected (Educational Video Center) through cohort 5, and I’ll be mentoring a project in cohort 6 too. Feel free to Ask Me Anything if you want to know more about the experience :slight_smile:

Apply now!


great! @iamjessklein and I are going to submit for the opendesignkit project


Hi Sam, thanks for sharing, that sounds interesting! Perhaps some of us at Yoast would be interested in participating.

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