Looking for a designer for designing Mockups

(Jaskirat Singh) #1

Hi, I am Jaskirat Singh. Founder of Codeuino organisation.
We as a part of team run a major community named as
We are looking for a designer who can help us in designing some mockups for a project.

Codeuino which is a volunteer-driven non-profit open source Social networking organisation that provides various robust frameworks solutions which could span the entire world through building all kinds of social environments, discussion portals and collaboration platforms, giving prospectus to various other organisations, users and outreachers to use social media in a custom way. DONUT is a major member project of codeuino which is an open source social networking platform like Facebook which allow individual users and organisations to setup their own social platform along with multi integrated system.

You can find about the project here https://github.com/codeuino/Social-Platform-Donut

We are being run by a large community on slack, here is the link ( www.slack.codeuino.org )

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(Jaskirat Singh) #2

So do connect with me if anyone would be interested to help us

(Piteco) #3

Hello @jaskirat2000, welcome to the OSD Forum! Have you seen the OSD jobs board? By posting there, once aproved the PR, it goes online both in the board and here in the forum. This way you’re able to reach more people! Give it a try.

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(Jaskirat Singh) #4

I just submitted but I can’t merge it shows some conflicts. Can you review it here https://github.com/opensourcedesign/jobs/pull/394/files#submit-review

(Meet Shah) #5

I’m interested in offer, let’s talk!