Free Software/Open Source Company looking for graphic designer/marketing freelance/company (paid)

Project Name: CallioTec e.u.

Project Website: Not (yet) existent

Compensation: Payed (billed on hourly or per-project basis)

Job description: We are looking for a self-employed individual or company familiar - and preferably doing their professional work - with free and open source software to support us on a project-by-project basis. We are talking about paid work, with the compensation potentially varying based on the individual project and activity.

Ideally, they are proficient enough in the German language to create or support creating material in the german language as well.

There is a first immediate opportunity to support the creation of (German) product/project marketing material to be used at our customer for internal communication, for up to 20(ish) hours at 65 EUR/hour before taxes.

Future work may include design/creation of web sites, logo creation, design/creation of corporate identity templates (letter heads, slide decks, …), design/“prettifying” of company slides, design/creation of project communication material,…

Deliverables: Open formats are a must (SVG, ODF,…) - ideally you work with free software (Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus) and will provide the source material in formats supported by free software - a plus if you also have some experience with “hacky” toolchains (git-based static site generator workflows, Markdown, AsciiDoc, LaTeX, PGF/TikZ, …)

Contact Person:

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Hi i’m interested in contributing to this project. I am fluent in English and Spanish but not German. If there is still an opportunity to contribute despite the language barrier, how can I learn more about the project?

Hi Giselle,

Thank you for your interest.
Unfortunately, an issue has come up and we are currently unable to
pursue this further.

I hope that we can pick this up sometime soon after New Year’s. I will
update this thread accordingly.

Sorry about that and best regards,

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Hello Simon,

If this role is still under consideration, I would love to pick this up!
I already have freelanced with Software Freedom Conservancy along similar lines when I created the logo, slide templates, prospectus, badges and signages for their first Free and Open Source Software Yearly 2023 (FOSSY) event in Portland.
I have also created their 2022 & 2023 winter holiday postcards and T shirt designs. I have also interned at Fedora (Red Hat) as a Graphic Designer in 2022.

I am fluent in English, Hindi and French, but not in German. I use Krita, Inkscape and Penpot mainly for my work. I have some experience with Markdown but nothing noteworthy.

Let me know your thoughts!

Much interested! If there’re any updates, kindly post here after new year’s.

Hey everyone,

thank you for your interest in the collaboration. We are indeed looking at potential partners again now, if you would kindly reach out to if you are interested to coordinate further.

Thank you and best regards,