Fosdem 2023

Hello everyone! @ei8fdb and I will be hanging around in the Jitsi room tomorrow (19.10) at 20:00 CEST (19:00 UTC+1) to do some organisational FOSDEM stuff like making lists and then possibly checking things off the lists (yay lists!) If anyone is interested feel free to hop in :slight_smile:

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Hi @ei8fdb and @nim, I know I’m late to the thread but I’d like to support with organisation. I wonder what would be the best way for me to start engaging? Thanks :smiley:


Hello @kirakirawes!

I saw your message yesterday just before the community call and didn’t get a chance to reply.

Soooo, you’ve expressed an interest that’s excellent. I’ll post a short form asking people to let us know, you were too fast for me!

These are ways to volunteer with FOSDEM organisation:

  • submit the Open Source Design stand for FOSDEM
  • co-ordinate the stand at FOSDEM (once it’s accepted…hopefully)
  • volunteer in the devroom (the design track venue) during the conference
  • review talk submittions (everyone is welcome to do this, however if someone has submitted they cannot review their own talk)
  • be a speaker liasion/contact person to help speakers before the conference
  • manage social media postings about the talks during the conference
  • do “conference round-up” blogpost for

There’s probably others that I am forgetting. But they’re the main ones I can remember.

Does anything interest you? Let us know!


Thank you for your reply @ei8fdb!

Here’re the tasks that I’m interested in the most:

  • submit the Open Source Design stand for FOSDEM
  • co-ordinate the stand at FOSDEM (I’m particularly interested in the UX Clinic if that’s what we’re doing again this year :smiley: )
  • volunteer in the devroom (the design track venue) during the conference
  • review talk submissions
  • be a speaker liasion/contact person to help speakers before the conference

Let me know if you have any questions!

Cheers xD

Great. In which case, deadline wise the most pressing is writing the OSD stand submission. Deadline for submission is the 15th Nov. @Erioldoesdesign started it so you can work with her on that?

See :point_down::point_down:

@ei8fdb Yea, @Erioldoesdesign showed me the draft today — We’ll work together on that :smiley:

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Hi everyone! I’m from the Penpot team. As we briefly mention to @Erioldoesdesign in the ATO conference, we would like to see if we could share the stand with you all. If that so, we would love to help with the stand application.


Hi @carol.portugal great news. @Eriol and @kirakirawes are writing the proposal ATM.

Deadline for submission is 15th so we’ve got a few days.

Our presence is usually along these lines:

  • we have people at the stand for the day,
  • we speak with attendees about design, advocate for design involvement in projects, mention the jobs board
  • we run a design clinic with anyone who wants design help
  • then we visit the other stands and network!

Is there anything particular you’d like to do? Let us know.

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Hey team! me and @kirakirawes have been working on the stand application and you can read and edit here if you have a login to our nextcloud instance:

Here’s a google docs version: FOSDEM 2023 Stands Submission - Google Docs

@carol.portugal have a read and see what you would like to add/edit

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Hello @Erioldoesdesign and @kirakirawes!

We don’t have access to the doc :slightly_frowning_face:

However, we have talked to the team about how could be our participation in the stand. We think that we can bring one or two laptops and help with “design clinics” and show people how to solve design problems with Penpot. In addition, we think that the presence of a developer from our team could be useful for all the technical and installation question that could happen.
Let us know what you think about this, and if you think this could be useful and nice, we can add to your doc.

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@Eva_marco I was able to access the google doc version. Maybe try that one?

First of all, I want to make clear that volunteers who happen to work at Penpot are most welcome to join us on the stand and take part in stand duties. However, the way the Penpot presence is being portrayed in this thread raises some concerns on my part.

The stand submission is a community-based one from Open Source Design. It is very important that Penpot’s presence raises no questions about the nature or the content of the stand, or we may hear from the FOSDEM organisers. The presence of OSD cannot be diluted or taken over with Penpot branding, and we cannot be seen as promoting a specific tool that belongs to this or that company. Companies can apply for their own stand to do that.

If we want to officially “share” the stand with Penpot, our stand application must say so very clearly, and to be fair that’s what @Eva_marco seems to be suggesting. However, that would need to be run by the community. I personally would not be likely to agree to sharing in those terms, recommending that Penpot apply to have their own stand instead.

The way we should be talking about this is: OSD volunteers who happen to be employed to work on Penpot will be joining stand duty. As with all other volunteers, they are primarily there to explain what OSD does and to take part in the design clinic, not to promote any one design tool.

I am sorry if this sounds a bit up front, but it is very important that OSD as a design advocacy group remains independent in the eyes of the broader FOSS community, and that it is not perceived as aligned with any commercial interests of any kind. I hope you understand.

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@belenbarrospena @Eva_marco @carol.portugal Here is the shareable link for the stand application (on the OSD cloud):


I think my ideal situation would be if Penpot and OSD had stands that were next to each other so we can show each other support but yes, remain OSD as a tool agnostic community stand.

I hope I’m not misunderstood, I love penpot! but we do need to as a community group be aware of implicit affiliation by sharing a table.


Hey! I think both @belenbarrospena and @Erioldoesdesign raise very fair questions. The way we pictured this at Penpot was to simply support each other in terms of communities but we get that without much time to frame it perfectly, there’s a huge risk that this collaboration could raise concerns from OSD, FOSDEM organisers and the wider FOSDEM community.

@Erioldoesdesign’s suggestion works way better. We’re going to try that and ask to be located next to OSD stand if only to have more time to chat and support each other. If FOSDEM demands that we have to move to the commercial stands (all the core contributors work at Kaleidos, which is a company), then we’ll do that of course. So, please don’t be bothered with our proposal above, it was meant with the best of intentions to share the burden of a stand’s work but the risk of fueling any potential conflict of interest is simply too much.

We’ll let you know how the Penpot’s stand eventually takes place. We might go both Penpot & Taiga, we might go to the “companies” section or ask FOSDEM if Eriol’s suggestion is fine.

Thanks for the feedback and the transparency!


Hello everyone and thanks for your answers. We’ll try to ask for a stand for Taiga and Penpot as @diacritica said.

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Thank you @diacritica and @Eva_marco for your understanding. I think you have a very good chance of getting a stand in my opinion, probably a better one than OSD this year :slight_smile: Best of luck with that, and we’ll see you at FOSDEM.

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Stand review request! please review and edit by EOD CET Monday 14th Nov as this application needs to be in on the 15th of Nov :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminder, @Erioldoesdesign

I’ve added some comments to the Nextcloud version

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Awesome! I edited and added those comments in the editable doc in nextcloud :slight_smile:


@Erioldoesdesign let us know when it’s submitted and we can :white_check_mark: it off on the list above.

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