Discourse site title


open source design

– lowercase;


Page titles

Expect the site title to appear at the tail of the title of the page. With categorisation, if categorised. So for example, the page for this topic will be titled:

  • Discourse site title – Staff – open source design

Possible change of name

Be aware of name-related comments at and around logo-related https://github.com/opensourcedesign/organization/issues/68#issuecomment-292073030


Whilst Open Source Design may reinforce brand and identity, there’s this:


My gut feeling:

… – … – open source design

– without uppercase – has a more generic, broad-ranging feel to it and may subtly go towards making the Discourse site feel more inclusive, long term.


Last but not least, re: https://github.com/opensourcedesign/organization/issues/68#issuecomment-291985097 and https://discourse.opensourcedesign.net/admin/site_settings/category/required there will in due course be a logo, so – with or without initial caps at the tail of the title of each page – participants should not lose sight of the ‘umbrella’ brand/identity.

Much of what’s above will be better discussed in the public lounge. For now I wanted to share just a brief note of part of my rationale for not rushing to use initial caps for the three words.

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I’m going to be very clear now: There is no need to make a big discussion out of everything. The title everywhere on our website and elsewhere is »Open Source Design«. It should be the same here.

We are all volunteers, and this is not a discussion which warrants all our collective time, it’s just something that has to be done.

cc @bnvk @evalica @simonv3 @belenbarrospena @erlend_sh

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Please stop rushing. Please refresh your browser.

It already is. The change was made some time ago.

Here’s the post upon which I acted:


Again, I am not rushing. Just making sure this forum part of Open Source Design follows the community and identity of all the other elements.

If anything should be changed from that norm, that’s a separate discussion we can have in public. Not something to just do in a new thing we set up.

So, thank you for changing it.