Design Systems for Open Source – Interview Participants wanted

Hey everybody,

My name is Steffen and I’m currently working on my master’s thesis at Berlin University of the Arts. For my research, I want to explore how Design Systems, which are creating quite some buzz in the commercial world, could be applied in Open Source Software.
For this, I am looking for participants for a quick (30 minutes) interviews. Don’t think of it as a question-and-answer session but as a discussion on the opportunities and challenges you see when it comes to the topic.
If oyu want to participate, feel free to reach out to me here or on Twitter
Any input would be appreciated. I am looking forward to our discussions!



Hey Steffen,

If you want to chat let me know. I specialize in Design System work, specifically within the US federal civic tech space. I have a lot of opinions haha :smiley:

Hi @skotschi, I think it makes a big difference if design systems would be used in a project with payed team members or if it is a volunteer-run project. A design system usually touches a lot of different parts of the project and needs to match the needs of different stakeholders and thus often needs a lot of communication work and politics. This might run counter a lot of favorable-for-open-source factors, like ease of modularization, “just trying out” etc.(I would thus be very curious though in case you can find volunteer run projects that use a design system)