ApacheCon October 22-24, 2019 in Berlin

Forgot to mention :woman_shrugging: I also submitted a 20 min talk “Introducing User research to non-UXers”, the talk covers a simple approach to conducting user research, different tools and methods that can be used. It is especially useful for teams who might lack the resources to prioritize it.
I will provide a step by step guide, using examples from user research I did for GNOME, Thunderbird, I2P, Briar, HTTPS Everywhere


Renata this is great! Thank you for sharing.

Hi everyone,

Cfp is closed - time to vote.
We have just 15 application. Some submissions seem to be not on the design topic, please comment on those.
Everyone who has submitted a talk, please make sure yours is in the list.
@Renata, @AnXh3L0, @elioqoshi, others I think I can see.

Here is the link to vote: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1htE46aMFwPl4em6NsrNFjk10UQOo6D2C9j1ViwrixXk/edit?usp=sharing
(I know we have to move to open source software, intended to try https://ethercalc.net/, maybe next time)

Core team, everyone who will participate or talk, please vote on the submission.
@jan, @belenbarrospena, @evalica, @ei8fdb
DEADLINE: 6th June
I will have to enter results to ApacheCon system after that. Please don’t delay.


@victoria-bondarchuk thanks a lot! :slight_smile: The shared link seems to be read-only, but it’s a very simple review:

It seems that the proposals of: “Maintaining a Java library”, “Service Creation”, Airflow, Apache ShardingSphere, Apache Fortress and Apache Rivet were submitted in the wrong track? Maybe we should let the organizers know cause I wouldn’t necessary reject them, but they are simply not fitting for the track, so if possible they should be moved to another?

The other 9 proposals are all :+1: from my side. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also if we have a problem fitting all the talks, I would propose having a limit of 20 mins for each talk – that’s better than throwing out one of the proposals.

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Thank you, I updated the link now editable.

Yeah, this is what I thought about those proposals, I will contact the organizers and see what can be done.
Maybe some of them can still be in our track if we talk to the speakers and see if they can make it about design and design methods :woman_shrugging:

Thanks @victoria-bondarchuk! How many slots can we include? From what I gathered, 9 slots with each 20min should fit, right? I just voted (which is basically for everything apart the non-design topics you mentioned).

Has this been decided @victoria-bondarchuk?

Thank you, everyone, who voted. I submitted the results to Apache system. :purple_heart:

As was mentioned, we have 9 talks, 6 for 20 minutes and 3 for 40. Who applied, please make sure that the duration of your talk is marked correctly, if not or you want to change it, let me know before 12 of June.

I think we have enough talks for a solid half-day track. What do you think?
For another half, we can run a design clinic for example.

@elioqoshi Number of slots is not given beforehand, now we have to announce our results to the organizers and they get back to us with time and number of slots they can accommodate. I think we can get slots for all the talks we accepted.

I will keep you updated and let you know once our submissions officially accepted.


Great idea!

Maybe we could run a design clinic on another day as well? Similar to FOSDEM?

Also, will we be able to have a booth?

Aaawesome, thank you so much @victoria-bondarchuk! :slight_smile:

The organisers loved the idea of Design Clinic very much, saw it at FOSDEM.
They were looking into how to host it, one idea was to give us space next to a hackathon they they will have for one day.
I will ask about the booth, totally slept my mind to discuss that and get back to you on both topics.

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Thanks to everyone here! Really appreciate your active participation!

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Do we know when accepted talks will be announced? Thanks.

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Hi everyone,

OSD has all of its slots on Thursday the 24th of October. 6 full-length slots, and we can split up to 3 of those slots into 20-minute slots. If we split slots, we were recommended to do the ones in the morning first. Our room is Maschinenhaus which can seat up to 120 people.:boom:
That is how the schedule looks like:


We have 9 talks, 6 for 20 minutes and 3 for 40
I think we can accommodate all of them if we make it 7 talks for 20 min, and 2 for 40.
I have submitted a talk for 40 minutes, I would be more than happy to reduce it to 20 min.

What do you think?

@elioqoshi @jan @belenbarrospena @evalica @AnXh3L0 @Renata @ei8fdb, everyone else?

@evalica, final acceptance should be announced tomorrow, or as soon as we approve the schedule!


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Hi Victoria. I was looking at the spreadsheet and I’ve seen just 8 talks listed there as valid. But I seen you are referring to 9 talks. Just wanted to make sure everything is correct.

Regarding the 20 minutes talks. It’s going to be 20 minutes + 5 min for questions + 5 to switch presenter and audience, right?


@evalica You are the best! Thank you for double checking, indeed we had just 8 talks. Moreover, I checked Apache system and it seems that one application was deleted (I will try to find out what happened there).
Either way, we have enough slots to accommodate everyone! I will update you once we confirm the schedule. And you might receive acceptance emails from Apache soon.

Happy weekend everyone,


thanks @victoria-bondarchuk and @evalica for taking care of this!


I was wondering if we still have access the the schedule and can add some tweaks.
I think we should better mark the breaks between the sessions.

For example, we have 20 minutes sessions scheduled like this:
instead we should have it like:
marking the 10 minutes break between sessions for questions and participants movement.


I think you are right. Should the morning schedule look something like this?

11:00 - 11:20 Introducing User Research to Non-uxers
11:30 - 11:50 Making Internet Censorship Research more approachable
12:00 - 12:20 UI/UX Tips & Tricks for developers
12:30 - 12:50 Our Open Source Design collective :tada:


@evalica and @belenbarrospena I don’t have access to the system, but I will ask. Thank you for noticing!

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