Any opinions about English language Design programs in Europe?

Any recommendations?

Hi @jcklpe good question. When you say design, can you give a little more detail on what kinds of design you’re talking about?

There’s a few different programs i can think of that focus on different aspects.

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Hi yes, well I work as a ux designer, so I’d be most interested in something adjacent to that, or interaction design more generally. I’m also broadly interested in design policy since a lot of my work has been focused on civic tech stuff.

Check out Hyper island in Sweden (they also have courses in Singapore, UK & online. They have great ux/innovation/business dev programs


Interaction Design at Malmö is a classic, but I don’t know how interesting they are at the moment – they were pretty good 15 years ago.

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…basically, Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands have many programs in English, and it seems most of their universities are pretty good.

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Talked with a friend some more and I think I’m mostly looking for public university programs due to cost. The private programs look good but are mostly out of my budget.

Thank you everyone for the recs!