Academic papers that mention design in OSS

Argh! someone in the OSD community has a repo on academic papers that mentioned both OSS and Design but I didn’t star it or bookmark it :(((

Can someone help me and link it to me plz?

List of Academic Research on Usability in FOSS by @victoria-bondarchuk


Yes! awesome thank you so much!

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Are you looking for anything specific?

Currently writing my Phd proposal so I was looking for reference/citation material :smiley:


Great! I’m looking forward to hear/read more from your research. Depending in which department you are PhD-ing in: A lot of the research I know originated in computer science. To get some broader foundations, I also collected some publications from sociology on engineering culture. (Some additional references are also part of The user in the cultures of UX design and open source )


Happy to drop you my drive link for my proposals if you’re into reading them?

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I am. Have written my own proposal some months ago :slight_smile:

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phd buddies for the win!

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