Adapting the Enough logo for NextCloud / favicon.ico / stickers


Disclaimer: I have zero skills regarding design, feel free to contradict whatever I write :wink:

We have a nice Enough logo and trying to adapt it for NextCloud and favicon.ico. I naively resized it but … the result is not good as you can see below:



I tried to include the logo in a white circle and it looks a little better:


I’ll keep experimenting and would be very happy if someone has advices on how to improve the situation. The next step will be to design stickers :slight_smile:


Hi @dachary
I saw your request and attached are the following.
Enough logo Favicon Zip - I made the three major sizes:

16x16: enough_16x16
32x32: enough_96x96
96x96: enough_32x32

NextCloud Enough logo adaption - I’m happy to try more iterations but I didn’t think the white circle sat well with the others. Ideally it needs to fit the design language already in place. So I pulled one of the drawable resources in your images from Github (activity) and made sure it would sit centered next to the rest. I chose on the lighter blue color and would suggest you use the logo’s main yellow color (#F1C119) as the rollover state.
main state: Enough_NextCloud
rollover state: Enough_NextCloud

I hope this helps, and please let me know if there are any problems with the files or changes you’d like, I’m happy to revisit. Also where should I upload the original .AI files so you have them on record?
Let me know what you need re- stickers.!

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for some reason the .svg files are uploading as black - does anyone know why?

This helps a lot :heart:

You can upload it to I’ll try an integration with NextCloud right away!

To be honest I’m not sure :slight_smile: @veronika and I kind of like the 2.5cm x 2.5cm sticker size. And I like round stickers. Maybe the logo in a circle with the enough name under it? Here is a poorly executed example of what I mean:
Do you have a suggestion by any chance?

Thank you so much for your help!


ok perfect, just did it :smile:

hm I’ll play around with this and send you some ideas here in the next couple of days.
Happy to help :smile:

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@dmichl The NextCloud SVG is now properly centered :tada: :slight_smile: However NextCloud needs a white logo on a transparent background instead of two (one for when the user hovers and one when they do not). I tried changing the slight blue to white with inkscape but when I save as SVG it becomes entirely transparent: I’m not very skilled at this (to say the least ;-). Would you be so kind as to show me the way?

The resized square PNG files with the logo are exactly one pixel larger than the size in the name of the file (16x16 is 17x17 etc.). That made me curious to know why this is necessary?

this is apparently a bug in Adobe when exporting… i’ve uploaded the new files for the Favicon and triple checked them.

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Thanks! I pushed the favicon files to the Enough repository

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Just uploaded transparent svg’s and png’s (just in case). Please let me know if those work

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And it shows as white :tada: :slight_smile: Would it be too much to ask to get a square version of it, centered? This would be a perfect fit for NextCloud.

Not at all -just uploaded the set. Please confirm they are showing properly. :slight_smile:

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They do! I added all SVG variations (yellow & white + square & rectangular) you provided to the artwork repository.

You were added to the Enough hall of fame so other members of the community know about your contribution. If you do not want to be listed, please let me know.

wonderful! I’ll be posting here about stickers tomorrow… :wink:

Great! No I don’t mind, I’m specifically looking for design work for privacy/security projects so please keep me in mind :smiley: and thank you!

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Hey @dachary below are my suggestions for stickers. Please also consider the following when discussing with your colleagues and reaching your decision:

The Enough logo that was designed is already very complex, so I believe that it is best to keep it simple/straight forward as far as the stickers go.
Either choose the sticker with the logotype A1 or choose the logo symbol on its own in an octagonal sticker shape B1 (my preference) in the logo’s primary yellow color. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of but they are the ones that a lot of tech companies (like the EFF) and I love the look/feel of them. I think it fits your brand better too…

If you are uncomfortable having the logo symbol stand on its own you could add a small note about nextcloud. I believe it’s affiliate with nextclound right? & and NextCloud’s style guide says you can use OpenSans. This avoids repeating the logo twice like your example. NextCloud in small will help anchor people if they don’t know the product and want to know more. I do not recommend adding the word enough in new typeface, as this will confuse and create a new logo. Unnecessary.
Of course it’s your decision, which is why i included so many color suggestions :slight_smile:.
Please let me know what you want to move forward with and if you agree B1 is the one to “print”, I will create a separate file for you and upload.


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Very nice :slight_smile: It could not arrive at a better moment: I’m sitting next to @veronika and we discussed your designs in person. I showed her the design before she got a chance to read your message and … B1 has her preference. Let’s go for B1 then!

Although Enough is based on NextCloud at the technical level, it is a different project which has its own website. You are right: having the Enough name with the logo included would be too heavy. It would be nice to have the name though. What about Enough instead of nextcloud?

excellent! glad to hear the timing was good :smiley:

I understand your thinking but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you decide to go with the 2.5cm/3cm stickers, the type will be small and i think visually it won’t have the same weight/sway as it would without it. I’ve looked at a lot of stickers logos and pretty much no one lists the name with their symbol. I believe that your audience who will receive your stickers will be familiar with your brand/product and it’s a nice conversation piece if it’s on someone’s laptop.

I’ve given your request a lot of thought and came up with an alternative suggestion. You could use the URL instead, is also much stronger than just “enough”. I still prefer A (just the logo) but also like the look/feel/tension of D.
Please see below and let me know what you and @veronika think and I’ll upload the final .svg for you to proceed.


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Thanks for the detailed explanation, it makes a lot of sense. I trust your experience and vote for A :slight_smile:

Wonderful, and my pleasure!! :slight_smile: i’ve already uploaded the .svg for you - take a look and let me know if that satisfies what you need. Happy to send you the original .ai file if that helps or anything else.

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The SVG file is fine, uploaded to the respository :slight_smile:

  • looking at sticker mule the only option is die cut stickers (other shapes are oval, rectangle etc.). I ordered 50 and uploaded the SVG.
  • looking at printoclock for rolls of stickers (they are 5 times cheaper than sticker mule), they need a PDF. So I tried to convert the SVG with:
     $ sudo apt-get install librsvg2-bin
     $ rsvg-convert -f pdf -o hexagonal.pdf hexagonal.svg
    but… it is a black hexagon for some reason. So I tried using inkscape from the command line
     $ inkscape --file=hexagonal.svg --export-area-drawing --without-gui --export-pdf=hexagonal.pdf
    and it looks good.

Does that sound alright to you?