Jobs - Material design including logo and assets

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Role: Web design, Logo design and branding

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(Sriram Sureshkumar) #2

@elioqoshi please let me know if you need any info.

(Kamal Chaneman) #3

@sriram can I help with web design, ux?

(Elio Qoshi) #4

The only thing I’d like to ask is whether “Blood Donation” is the final name for the project or whether you’d be open to name suggestions? Asking as that would be a quite generic name to specify a project which is quite specific in what it does.

(Sriram Sureshkumar) #5

I am open to change the name. I had already procured the domain but it shouldn’t be a problem. I wanted to get started quickly with bare minimum functionality and hence found it would be generic. But frankly, I think it would be better if we name it contextually.

(Sriram Sureshkumar) #6

@kamal, thanks for pitching in, and yes you are welcome to contribute :slight_smile: Right now its hosted here,

(Kamal Chaneman) #7

@sriram this using material design standard? @elioqoshi did you already start working on the ux design?

(Sriram Sureshkumar) #8

@kamal, yes we want to use material design standards. Specifically Angular material.

(Elio Qoshi) #9

No, not taking on UX here.

(Sriram Sureshkumar) #10

Is there any update or does anyone need any info from my side? Just checking since it’s silent here. Please let me know if you need anything.

(Ergi Shkëlzeni) #11

Hi @sriram,
Any idea for a new name for the organization or are we keeping it “Blood Donation”?

(Sriram Sureshkumar) #12

Hi @ergish, at the moment I do not have any names, but open for suggestions. If it’s going to make it better.