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A logo & a set of icons

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I have thought about it and here’s a few ideas

So at first I did a single forge with three hammers. But my mum - who is a great design advisor - told me it would be more logical to have more than one forge to be more representative of the concept I was trying to illustrate. So I did another version, with three hammers AND three forges. It is possible to add the initials of the project (FP) and sparkles in the shape of symbols evocating source code. The original version I did was black, but it is possible to change it into a gradient or any color you want, depending on the design of your website.

It’s not victor images yet (hence the pixellated look) but it can be converted into ones I think.

Hope that helps,


forge1 forge1_fp forge1_fp_sparkle


Thank you !
I like the first one!
@dachary what do you think ?

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It is really nice to see your work @Gawan :slight_smile: I did not expect to have a logo anytime soon, this is a great surprise!

Like @pilou, I also prefer the first one. Having multiple hammers to illustrate multiple forges and a single anvil to suggest blacksmiths working together nicely conveys what the project is about. It could even be simpler and I would still get what it is about. Did you think about having just two hammers?

These are great logos @Gawan !

If I were you, I would consider the fact that logos often appear in smaller sizes, like in the browser tab, or in app icons.
You could scale down the image, or zoom out, and see how much detail stays.

Some initial ideas include making the flames larger, simplifying the shape of the anvil, and reducing the amount of elements in the logo. Use the previous points to figure out what’s best.

In the end, you have to figure out what the best balance is for how many ideas/information you put, and how visible those ideas/information are. Additionally, may I ask what program you made these in?

Good work on the concept! :smiley:


I made those with GIMP (that’s what I always use, I’m just an amateur :innocent:). So to sum up, I should try and remake the first logo, with a simplified anvil, two hammers and larger flames. There you go (3 scales so you can have a better idea how it would look like):

forge3 forge3 forge3


About the color, a gradient reminiscent of the fire was a good idea.

@dachary do you prefer this version ?

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@pilou I do! But I’m not sure about a gradient: I like that the color is just one color, it is simpler.

Sorry for the delay @Gawan I did not get a notification. But I’ll get a notification whenever something is posted on this topic from now on.

I like black but looking at your earlier versions, I think I better like a warm color (red or orange or).

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@dachary @pilou

Hi there! Just quickly asking if you’d like this job to remain open longer of if you’re happy with the logo submission and would like to close this request?

Sorry for the delay in my reply: I’ll try to convert that into SVG soon. Right now it’s the beginning of the second semester so I just don’t have time for this. But soon :smiley:


thanks @Gawan . There is no rush, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Et voilàààààà

The abovementioned logo in beautiful svg format. Hope you like it :smiley: And sorry for the waiting: I was swamped!


Great :slight_smile: No worries for the delay: there was no urgency at all. Would you mind exporting it in various formats? I may be able to do it myself if you don’t have the time. A .ico to use on webpages would be great. And square PNG files, with and without transparent background too, (50, 100, 200, 400 px).

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There you go sir: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

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Installed and looking good :slight_smile:


Can I trouble you with one more request ? It would be a rectangle image with the word “fedeproxy” to the right of the logo. That’s what discourse needs (it reads “The logo image at the top left of your site. Use a wide rectangular image with a height of 120 and an aspect ratio greater than 3:1”) and you can see it at It would also be useful for the top left image at

It’s ok if you don’t have time though, I’m sure I can hack something :slight_smile: