Jobs - Design logo for our tool

Role: Logo desing & branding

A logo & a set of icons

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I saw the links you shared with me.

Okay, so that’s what we have right now for the ‘Enough’ tool.

I think I can show you some images that will incorporate the new branding logo for ‘Enough’ on the screenshots from the link you’ve sent to me.
I’ll first go with the colors that you already have in the design.

Let me know if this is okay with you.

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Hi Aditya,

sorry, I completely missed out on this - yes sure, this is absolutely okay with us ! Provided of course you are still interested in doing this :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any question !


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Hi community,

the very kind Lama Younes has come forward with some really nice ideas, which we would like to share with you for some feedback !

Here they are:


We would be very interested in hearing what you think !


@veronika cool, glad you got some good proposals! :slight_smile:

Some feedback based on the short description you gave:

“Enough” is an innovative tool for journalists to communicate with their sources via encrypted technology.

  • For 1 and 2 I’m not really sure what the icon is supposed to be. It doesn’t communicate security or encryption, or is an E/e. Just looks a bit like a boat? :slight_smile:
  • 3 is quite simple, but also a bit basic.
  • The one with the OU connected as a locked chain is the best one I would say. If you want to go a step further you could slightly adjust it to make the communication aspect more obvious:
    And the icon only would then be:

Jan! Love the feedback, I felt the same way about the first options to. I made them pretty quickly and then felt like they spoke to a lot of design cliche’s of having a unique but irrelevant logo goes and hides in dark corner. Love the added step and adjustments to the connected lock, thank you so much for this. It refined my process which will allow me to adjust the logo accordingly.

Lama <3 <3

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Yay! :tada: :slight_smile: @lama_89 I’m happy you’re part of our community and @veronika it’s nice to see that the Job board is useful for you in finding a logo!

yes ! @lama_89 @jan thank you both so much for your creativity and support, this is absolutely beautiful :slight_smile: we’re now discussing it in the community, and they’re thrilled to see such a nice output of your collective efforts ! :heart::bouquet::unicorn:

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Just notifced this thread after I replied to in the SecureDrop forum. Great stuff @lama_89!


With permission from @lama_89, it is my pleasure to announce this job is complete. @veronika and myself are very happy about the result. It is already applied to the Enough website, GitLab instance, forum, chatroom and we are in the process of integrating it in the Enough NextCloud app.

Not only does this set a fine example of quality pro-bono work, it also demonstrated the power of cooperation when @jan contributed a nice touch to @lama_89 draft. Credit also goes to @elioqoshi who suggested a few tweaks. The drafts that do not show in the end result are an essential part of the process and often undervalued: thanks @elioqoshi for your enthusiastic participation.

This is the beginning of an adventure and the next step will be to polish the theme for the Enough NextCloud app. I will be attending the NextCloud Conference later this month and hope to learn tips and tricks on that occasion. And it will also be an opportunity to thank @jan in person :slight_smile:

A huge thanks to Lama Younes and to the community at large :tada: :heart: