Website content review/audit

In the last monthly meeting, we talked about some of the key parts of the homepage/content of not being relevant/up to date/old.

See notes on the discussions here:

  • Moving events repo has been merged

  • New design mock-ups via @elioqoshi < Are these anywhere on the forum? This was not a huge re-design, proposed a colour and fixing the spacing etc.

  • Manifesto should go immediately on the front page - not in a subpage, too many already and too complex. A sub-page but not a very prominent link.

  • Goals page is kind of a duplicate of manifesto

  • Manifesto is most up to date so make that front and centre and work in the older content from goals and how we achieve.

  • The suggestion of the 8 points of the manifesto to not go before articles and jobs because these are the more dynamic and updated part of the OSD website and arguably the most interesting to visitors.

  • Still waiting for a forum member to add their comments re. ‘free software’ in the pull request version of the manifesto.

  • Different pieces written by different people at different times. Things are disjointed and very hard to connect up.

  • Blender homepage was suggested as very good especially for first-timers and existing community member servings on the site.

  • Jobs could be more call to action-y e.g. need help or contribute help.

  • Articles: Collecting a whole bunch of articles about design + OSS that aren’t written by us/our members. How do we format this bibliography?
    Article writing is a lot of work and there is more about OSS+Design than ‘us as OSD’ let’s push other content. Let’s not have it look stale. Sort by date or source. Also Articles look like events!

So! what I’m proposing is we use this thread for collecting our groups thoughts and opinions on the website for an unrestricted time period and we review the suggestions periodically (either in monthly meetings or async here) as and when we can find agreement in adapting, refining or changing the website content. :smiley:


Monthly design showcase on landing.


Exactly, Design showcase will be great

Would be nice to know if a job offer over. Maybe having a application due date thing or a status type things that shows that the position has been taken or it’s too late to apply.


Agreed, make it mandatory for the job poster to mention that the offer has been taken up by someone or something of that sort.

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Sure, it would be great.
It will save stress and all

We actually have this feature for the jobs page in our backlog but we need a developer to make the changes and merge on our site :sob:

hopefully that will be soon!

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Maybe that’s me. Where am I supposed to comment?

Errrr I think it got approved back in April which you can see here:

But please do make a PR on the existing Live Version to add in your suggestions and we can review + merge :slight_smile: