Web design category

The Web design category doesn’t have any posts. Do we need it?

https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/v1.8.1/docs/ADMIN-QUICK-START-GUIDE.md#categories says,

Don’t create too many initial categories, as you can overwhelm your audience. You can always add more categories, and easily bulk recategorize topics later. It’s better to figure out the organization as you go rather than assuming you’ll get it all right from the beginning (hint: you won’t).

Probably good advice.

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I would keep it until we have >100 topics in other categories.

Don’t have too few categories, as your audience may not understand the concept…” :slight_smile:


Good points from both of you. Let’s keep it and maybe take it as a sign that we should get more web designers / developers on board. :slight_smile: Responsive design, CSS, front-end development and all that is also part of designing in open source.

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