Hi everyone,

A quick tiny intro about me and how it comes I’m here. I have been an observer of the forum over a year or so and I love what you guys been doing. A while back I was asked to lead a day-long Inkscape training and that ignited the interest of free tools and open source as such. As well I have been part of our local Latvian version of Unsplash: https://momenti.lv/. Also when I joined this forum, I made logo for https://copytranslator.github.io/.

Daily I work as a designer, as most here, and friends quite often have asked me to create a logo for their side projects and new quick business ideas. I stand strong behind the proper designing process, but in most cases, it’s not needed as projects tend to move and pivot quite a lot. So I spent some of the free days at Christmas to put together a simple gallery of unused logo sketches that would be free to use. The site is self-written from a scratch. I would love to get some feedback on how to make it more open-source and more accessible for people. Right now I have an Instagram account with all logos, that has few followers and few likes. Additionally, I plan to push this into the community page of Figma, which is still in beta.

You can find the site here: https://unleash.design

Looking forward to your feedback and to gain some great friends! :slight_smile: