Ubucon Europe 2019

Hi all!

I’m a member of the Ubucon Europe 2019 organization, and I would like to invite this community and its members to join me at Ubucon Europe 2019.

For those of you who don’t know a Ubucon is a community organized event to celebrate Ubuntu, share knowledge, bring the community together and make friends. The Ubucon Europe is the Ubucon event in Europe.

This year of 2019, Ubucon Europe will be held in Sintra, Portugal. And we would like that this wonderful community would join us there with an official representation there. We allow projects like this to have both and we will also facilitate a talk to present your community, to show how we can work together or any other topic you believe to be relevant for bring to the Ubuntu community.

All of you are also invited to join, submit talks, or just come and enjoy the presentations and workshops made by others, and make new friends.

All details at: https://sintra2019.ubucon.org/

Please feel free to ask any question.

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Hello Diogo, Thank you for the invitation.
Are there any travel/stay/other reimbursements in general or for students or anything that could help?


Ubucon Europe, and Ubucon events anywhere in Europe, are community organized events mostly driven by volunteer work force, and we as fully community organization, don’t have at this point that possiblity. However for those that are Ubuntu Members, there’s a fund for those purposes (details can be found at: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-donations-funding/29 ), I don’t expect that many of you are Ubuntu Members, but it’s the thing we have available.