Thunderbird Preferences Views Redesign

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As part of the work being planned by the Thunderbird UX Team, a few weeks back we discussed in a past UX meeting about what to tackle next in Thunderbird UX wise. Based on the Usability Study we published past summer ( ) we decided to have a go at redesigning the Preferences (Options in Windows) view to be aligned with how Firefox displays its counterpart.

You can check out the details at the bug as well:

We currently have also a prototype ready of the proposed restructure:

Very soon we will write a short Design Study on this work to explain the motivations behind design decisions we took, followed by User Testing which will surface any potential problems users might have and compare current and proposed designs.

Let us know if you want to get involved in designing and shipping this!

Great work, looks like a Mozilla configuration dialog. While it’s always a matter of discussion in what category a feature belongs (card sorting could be a method) you should add a search field on top where users could just enter “certificate” and reduce the content to those fields where label/tooltip/value matches the term.

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Thanks @htietze!

Do you mean Firefox? :wink:

Sure, however we don’t want to sway too far from what Firefox does.

The Thunderbird lead dev mentioned there were some technical problems achieving that right now for all categories, but I agree that Usability-wise it would be best.

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