Jobs - UI/UX design for qutebrowser, a web browser for power users

Role: UI/UX design


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Hello! Has this position been filled?

Note: I’ll email this to the given email ID, but I did draft this here, so I might as well share it for everyone’s benefit.

Before I start, I’m running version 1.10 on Ubuntu, so my feedback may be outdated. I’ll eventually follow the guide and install the latest version, but it’s quite daunting for now.

Personally, I think qute looks good enough as it is, even if I’m thinking about changing the theme to my own. The whole point of the browser is to stay out of your way, and I believe it does that pretty well. If you want to change the base theme, I’d personally go with all black, or as much as possible :D

My biggest issue has been with tinkering around and configuring stuff–I’ve done a bit here and there, but for the most part I’ve stuck to the default features, perhaps also because they’ve been enough for me.

I believe most of the effort should go towards a website redesign and improved documentation. For one, the keybinding cheat sheet is an image, so you can’t perform a quick search to find the key binding you’re looking for–a simple table of keys and their functions might be more useful. Additionally, the page highlighted in the navigation bar isn’t the page that you click, but instead it’s always the donation button. Immediately, you have no context for where you are on the website, and you have to look at the url or the page content to figure it out.

Another help in discoverability would be better autocompletion in the command mode and a sort of documentation where you need it–for example, if I’m using the :open command, it can show me a hint with the parameters accepted by the command (see the bottom right window in for an example, which shows interactive help for the command being typed).

I also had some issues with some of the prompts–the final actions to say yes, no, etc don’t have clickable buttons.

To conclude, most of the work should be done with the website and documentation, with incremental adjustments to the UI/UX of the software itself. The theme is quite alright as it is.