Jobs - Improve the accessibility and usability of Woodpecker CI

Role: accessibility, ui, usability

UI improvements via suggestions with relevant accompanying design files. Conversation and collaboration with developers on these design recommendations. Helping do design in the open.

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Hi team, I would like to contribute and help you out with this task :slight_smile:
Looking forward to having your response soon. Thank you.

Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:, I 'd love to contribute to this task. Anticipating your Response, Here’s my email Thanks

Hey Team, happy to contribute.

there is now a dedicated matrix room:

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thanks for the initial hings …

If you have free cycles of time … it would be nice to suggest some color plate changes or go even future by creating a pull to VUE app in woodpecker/web at master · woodpecker-ci/woodpecker · GitHub


I would also love to contribute.