Surveys for Nextcloud Deck, Forms, and Social

Hey everyone, we are running questionnaires for some Nextcloud apps, namely:

  • Deck: Kanban project management, Trello alternative
  • Forms: Surveys & questionnaires, alternative to Google Forms, Typeform, LimeSurvey etc
  • Social: a social network using the open ActivityPub standard so you can follow people on Mastodon etc.

Please retweet and/or spread the word. For the surveys themselves we use Nextcloud Forms, so you can already check that out! :slight_smile:

Direct link to the blog post with the links to the Forms if you don’t want to go through Twitter:

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I reallllllly want to start using all this because it sounds cool and I trust all the people who think it’s cool (Bernard, Elio, You!) but I’m a little worried it’s beyond my skill level.

Is the best approach just going through the docs and trying to get it set up from there?

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So Nextcloud Forms itself is not yet released. But it’s likely to happen this month, and then there’s a likelyhood that common Nextcloud providers will offer it. To those you could sign up via

Alternatively I could invite you to the “Forms team” channel on our instance as well – this will give you a guest account, with which you should be able to test the Forms app installed there. :slight_smile:

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As Jan mentioned, he can invite you to the Forms team channel and you’ll be able to test it out. We are Ura Design have also set it up a few days ago, now updated to the latest beta version. Hit us up if you also want to try :slight_smile:

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