Examples for interfaces to be evaluated

I will create a little workshop on rule based UX evaluations and I thought it would be great to have participants work with actual interfaces of open source products.

Do you have any examples we could use? Keep in mind that they must be

  • Easily accessible and/or at least easily put into some screenshots
  • Be used in a scenario that is easy to explain in one sentence
  • Really few, ideally linear steps to accomplish the task

I really liked this metadata removal tool as an example.

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@jdittrich very cool! If you like, there’s some smaller parts of Nextcloud which might fit the bill:

There’s more, but these are the most simple and contained that I can think of right now. Do they make sense for what you need?

I would also say:

Probably more input from others :slight_smile:

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Yeah! Although right now the project is in limbo as we are trying to find a way forward as we lack dev power.

@jdittrich just thought that maybe also the Nextcloud Forms app would be good to evaluate? It needs design help, can be broken down into simple steps (“create a form”, “fill out a form sent via link”, etc.), and it would benefit our community too instead of just Nextcloud. :slight_smile:

If the developer(s) of it has resources to act on it, it makes a lot of sense; if not it might be frustrating for both designer and developers.

Of course, sorry should have clarified: I would look into helping on both design and development on the app, so I’m definitely in for implementation too. :slight_smile: