Portland, OR, USA

I’m regularly in Portland, OR and would love to get anyone else who’s interested in a meetup there together!

I’ll be there from the 1st - 5th if anyone is interested in one now. If that doesn’t work out, obviously feel free to continue without me!

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Note that the Open Source Bridge conference is happening this week! :slight_smile:

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Hey @jan and @simonv3 , didn’t make it to Bridge, but I’d love to be part of an open source design meetup here in PDX. Let me know if you’re still interested.

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That’s awesome @tessgadwa. I’m unfortunately only in Portland when visiting family, but am happy to help coordinate a meetup remotely.

I think @nicolemors is also in Portland, right? And probably @simonv3, @bnvk, @sophiakc or @mkfnch know some Portland-based open source designers? :slight_smile:
(I’m mostly based in Europe and was only in Portland once in 2012 for Open Source Bridge.)

Also tweeted a shout-out about this, please spread the word! https://twitter.com/opensrcdesign/status/882625151040454657

Portland is only a 2.5 hour drive from me, so I can help organize/speak if we want to plan an event there.

Portland’s design community is amazing, but I’m not aware of any designers there that focus on open source. If we want to start developing this area, it’d probably be best to start with basic outreach events/meetups (basic ‘this is what we do, this is why it’s important, and this is why you should join us’ presentations).

Another idea would be to cosponsor a meetup with an existing group in the area.
The following groups in Portland seem to have active membership.

We could potentially contact these groups and see if they’d be interested in letting us come speak about designing for open source.


Good thoughts, Mike. I’ve been meaning to check out some of these groups anyway.

Hi all! I am a UX designer with GitLab and live in Portland, OR. If you’re planning an event here, I would love to meet up and get more involved with the OS design group. Let me know how I can help :raised_hands:


Sounds like we have two founding members and a potential first speaker :wink:


@tauriedavis great to meet you! I’m on vacation next week, but very interested in brainstorming topics and ways to connect with the PDX open source community.

I am not a designer, only a design supporter, but am an open source person (work & personal involvement) based in Portland. :mountain: :evergreen_tree: :doughnut:

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Hi Michael, just saw this! I think what we need most are ways for programmers, designers, and users / testers to come together and collaborate and meet in person. Would you (and anyone else) be up for trying to schedule a design meeting at the Ctrl - H Hackerspace (NE Portland) sometime in the month of September?

Tess G

yesexactly.com | artmeetscode.org | zappen.co

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@tauriedavis @simonv3 @nicolemors @mkfnch @downey

Any interest in trying to plan a PDX open source design meetup in September?

I wouldn’t be able to come in anything in September, but I would be able to attend something the first few days of November. Don’t let that stop you though!

I am also doing a lot of traveling during the next several weeks (October). My November should be mostly in PDX though! :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll be in Vancouver WA for most of the first half of November. Anyone here interested in meeting up, at least casually? @downey, @tessgadwa, @tauriedavis, @mkfnch

I’m usually pretty swamped during weekends (visiting family), so a week day would probably be better for me.

Sure! Next week is good, and also early the following week.