Our labels on the repo don't have descriptions

…can I maybe propose some here?

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Good idea!
(We might also want to get rid of some labels)

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bug - A ‘bug’ is something that is either completely broken and unusable or not working as intended.

content - Describes an issue that has written content as a key part of the issues need.

CSS - An issue that is connected to CSS (cascading style sheets) within open source design

design - An issue that has a design aspect, either visual, UI, graphics or interaction design or user experience, service or behavioural design.

enhancement - An issue that enhances or improves an existing feature, documentation or part of the project.

further work needed - An issue is not yet complete and requires more work to be done before closing.

good first issue - Small tasks with clear documentation about how and in which place you need to fix things in. Good for people new to the project or OSS generally.

jekyll - An issue that is primarily about jekyll (https://jekyllrb.com/)

Jobs - An issue which centres around the ‘jobs’ section of open source design (https://opensourcedesign.net/jobs/)

JS - An issue which centres around Javascript needs

major - Issue that is very important or critical to success and progressing other issues.

maybe - Needs discussion or further investigation before starting work. (or we could remove this label/change the wording)

needs testing - A person needs to test whether the issue is true/happening for more than one user or needs testing that something works as intended.

new page - An issue that suggest a new page or section on opensourcedesign.net

on hold - An issue where work has been paused for a valid reason.

question - An issue that raises a fundamental question that needs addressing and answering as part of the issues work.

sass/scss - An issue that works on the SASS and/or SCSS of opensourcedesign.net. https://sass-lang.com/

servers - An issue that works on the repositories or infrastructure of servers/repositories.

starter issue - An issue that is good for those that are new to open source design.

waiting on author - An issue that is waiting on a response from the person that created the issue or ‘authored’ the issue.

waiting on reviewers - An issue that is waiting for others to review before going ahead.

“…adds, enhances or improves…”

“…the static blog generator jekyll” or maybe even “needs skills in using the static blog generator jekyll”

I would also suggest to clean up a bit:

  • merge starter and first issue
  • merge “waiting for tester”, “waiting for reviewers”, “needs testing” to “waiting” or “needs input” (or something like this)
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