What we want from our Jobs page - An issue to collect our wants

I created a GitHub epic for what we as a community want to improve for our jobs page:

Designs are WIP in Figma at the moment:https://www.figma.com/file/Epo7gdfwJCDAVknWnpvfn1/Open-Source-Design?node-id=107%3A263

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From the last community call I had this action above

I changed the issue above into an ‘Epic’ on our repo (I use Zenhub chrome browser extension to create and view epics) and the issue that is an epic is here: Improving the Jobs page: Improvements to the way the jobs page works · Issue #323 · opensourcedesign/opensourcedesign.github.io · GitHub however, I know not everyone uses Zenhub so I’ll link all the associated job issues in a comment on that issue.

The Issues that were already in our repo related to the jobs page are:

I thought it would be good to add another item in this list - slack notification about new job posting. What do you think?

I can contribute by providing github action, but slack app needed to be created if there is none yet.