Monthly Open Source Design call

  • I added a headline (“Open Design Processes”). If this is not correct, feel free to edit it; the 3 points under it did not match " Donations to Open Source Design Open Collective", at least from what it seems.

Eriol has been talking with a designer and OSS project re. how to start an open source design process or how to go about start this journey.

Interesting! Did you identify/suggest any patterns?

how designers come to contribution

…I would assume they are interested in Open Source primarily and also happen to be interested in design aka the open-source-ness preceeds active contribution. But that is just a guess and I would be interested in your thoughts!

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Thx for adding headlines :bouquet:

Interesting! Did you identify/suggest any patterns?
I mostly answered some general questions they had on how ‘different’ (if at all) an open source design process is to commercial design and detailed my experiences across a few projects. Went with three typical scenarios I’ve observed re. doing OSS design:

  1. Very async, no or little designer collaboration, you create issues (or others do) and you contribute to these in isolation, solo and async. Little to no designer involvement through ‘the development pipe’ and design is essential ‘airdropped in’

  2. The above but designer is more generally involved and communicative on issues and generally about the software.

  3. A design ‘pipe’ is begun and follows into a development pipe of some kind. Designers collaborate and work as a ‘design team’ but openly and without hierarchy and ‘control’ and the design + dev is through trust, discussion and collab with designers and devs in the project.

The chat was a little more complicated than that because there are so many variations on what you can do. Mostly the Jamulus team wanted to understand how OSS design differs from ‘regular design’ and I just kind of said ‘It can be a little unstructured and chaotic and you spend a lot of time communicating and advocating the design side. It’s also a longer commitment than you think’

how designers come to contribution

This was in relation to a brief discussion on the amount of designers interested in the OSS policy and structure side of OSD and those that are more interested in OSD from a ‘I can get real life exp on tech projects for my design portfolio but also do something meaningful with that time and learn’

I’ve certainly seen a split between these two with the ‘OSS policy and structures persona’ being less common!

Notes from Feb 3rd 2021 community call

  • We did a quick round of intros


  • FOSDEM 2021 - Open Source Design devroom
  • Saptak, Bernard and other folks have joined the Element/Matrix chat rooms.
  • Search for Open Source Design dev room
  • AP: Emails need to go out to speakers to join this and help
  • AP: Speakers need to be present in both the rooms. Saptak to check the list via Bernard
  • Suspect there will be widgets over the chat rooms with the talks and then an area for questions with most votes.
  • Moderation, how will this happen?
  • Assign any people as moderator volunteer.
  • How many per talk? 3-4 people per session due to potential issues.
  • AP: Bernard to send out a poll of session times for volunteers
  • Eriol will do tweeting from the OSD Twitter account as talks happen. Eriol can schedule the tweets if needed
  • Pitch session will happen at the end of each day’s session. People turn up at the matrix room (?) then people take turns to pitch their projects or ask for projects.
  • Our FOSDEM21 hashtag can be:
  • If anyone wants to submit the UX Clinic FOSS fringe event for the UX Clinic: FOSDEM 2021 - Fringe submission
  • Saturday finishes at 17:30, Sunday 17:20
  • Session scheduling and cut off is being double-checked by Bernard.
  • Eriol will organise FOSDEM 2022!
  • Perrie will help if she can!
  • Suggest for next year, let’s suggest a hackathon: redesign Pentabarf !!!
  • Virtual beers on Friday night for OSD?
  • Cool FOSDEM stuff: FOSDEM 2020 - Mobile schedule apps
  • Questions?
  • We show up 10-15 mins before our session and then stick around for questions etc. platform is all automated.

FOSS Backstage UX Clinic

  • We have 3 ish volunteers which is great!
  • Eriol will send out the registration links via email to volunteers. We could do with at least two more volunteers.
  • Lots of good design talks are happening!

SOS Design podcast

  • Need guests and topics! suggest any of these or both :slight_smile:
  • Eriol did the regular Sustain OSS podcast recently and will post when it’s live.
  • Perrie is also doing an episode!
  • Discuss and hold conversations around OSD, more collaboration, wider community, sustain tools, processes.
  • Grew out of Sustainoss conference conversations about design being part of how OSS is sustained better generally

Other conversations

  • OSS organisations and Architecture project:
  • Scott Jenson interview for founder of frog ex-nokia, apple, google?

I signed up to SustainOSS yesterday, and noticed a bunch of proprietary tools being used (reminds me of Mozilla Foundation that does so too). So I created a topic about looking for sustainable FOSS alternatives. Might be interesting to this community too (or maybe you are affiliated to SustainOSS?).

Some of us are part of Sustains OSS Design & UX working group yep.

You’ll find a mix of different thoughts and opinions on using only FOSS tools and a mix of FOSS and proprietary, it’s up to every individual to choose their toolset based on their needs and circumstances. We don’t dictate what people should use at Open Source Design.

Thanks for the link to alternatives though :slight_smile:


iiiiitttttts Monthly call week again!

This Wednesday at 18.00 GMT // 19.00 CET! :smiley_cat:

We can do some round up of FOSDEM 2021 and FOSS Backstage and prep for Mozfest UX clinic.

There’s also loads going on around the jobs page re-design and generally, how we can be doing other Open Source Design meta activity.

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March 03 2021

Mini intros round! for new people :slight_smile:

Jobs page update

Some ideas for the jobs page improvements:

    1. Many projects give emails or issue links/repos but plenty of designers still reply to forum threads wanting to contribute. We need a clear and single way for designers to start the job process and it needs to be super clear for the job poster that they need to engage in X way with designers.
    1. We could encourage a discourse forum post immediately after the job post PR is accepted to get better responses.
    1. Deadlines are really useful for our own admin purposes. Some job posts have them included but I think it’d be good to ask job posters for an idea of deadline.
    1. We could also be: Keep for X weeks or so. Does not need to be called deadline
    1. Or “Receiving submissions/applications until”
    1. Categories for the jobs posting form and forum
    1. Support to write your design needs via a call @scottjenson suggested this.
    1. ‘I’m a designer that can do X,Y and Z. Contact me to ask for help’. Create a profile from scratch? do we help designers make a github profile.
  • Could we pay someone to do some of what we want to happen across and the jobs page?

AP: Eriol to start a new thread on forum to gather jobs page ideas and work. DONE


  • How do we deal with deadlines that have past?
  • Is the job board successful?
  • Shall we do an article for the successful jobs postings from over the years?
  • How can we push forward @Kai 's showcase design for homepage?
  • AP: Eriol can start to collect the successful projects and doing writing.
  • Closed successfully or closed unsuccessfully?
  • Do we want to assign metrics/analytics?
  • Do we want to think about matomo? Hosting and privacy investigation needed.
  • Sorting the job forum posts via views most?
  • Why are visuals/logos etc ‘easier’ to fill? or filled more?
  • Collect opinions of designers that have contributed and ones that haven’t.



  • Open Action: Someone can do a round-up article/page of FOSDEM 2021
  • AP Eriol: Check videos are all online and approved
  • We did it! yay! we had 247 in the dev room at one point!

FOSS Backstage - UX Clinic

  • Went well! not as busy but still interesting

Mozfest 2021 - UX clinic


-All the casinos backed out lol.


Oh no I missed it :frowning:
This month’s ideas and suggestions could be really great additions, especially stronger deadline guidelines and improvements to the jobs page experience for interested designers.

We should get on it, possibly open GitHub issues to start a discussion on implementation for some of these.

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Just saw our jobs repo trending on GitHub!



That is so cool :smiley:

Monthly community call tonight at 18.00 GMT and 19.00 CET!

Not sure yet what we’ll be talking about but probably the regular updates and topics we’ve been covering for a while!

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March 03 2021

Mini intros round! for new people :slight_smile:

Jobs update

Webpage updates

  • Updates have been worked on by Saptak & Anxehlo

  • Job page design: Eriol is doing some design work on the Figma files and will post of discourse once done

  • Scott: willing to have a few chats with people that have requested Icons/Logos and have a conversation. Wants to do some deeper interviews with requesters and see what they are looking for from OSD jobs request. Know our user better. Between 2-6. Write up the results!
    AP: Get access to Bernard’s survey results DONE
    AP: Eriol can compile email responses and potential good people to speak to (good as in responsive to emails) DONE and DM’d to Scott :slight_smile:

  • Also, the idea of doing a consultation call for potential requesters so they can book a chat with a designer like the UX clinic.

Branch re-naming

  • The repo structure will be re-named from ‘master’ when these updates have been done

Budget in Open Collective


  • Any coming up?
    • All things open?
  • FOSDEM 21 round-up needs writing - Who wants to do this?
  • FOSS Backstage round-up needs writing - Who wants to do this?
  • Mozfest UX Clinic round-up needs writing - Who wants to do this?
    Eriol has started these here: Riseup Pad

Github chats

  • Vic and Eriol talked about Open Design and open-source design


  • Eriol helped a designer wanting to do contributions to Libre lingo figure out how they want to do that via a 1-2-1 call about good first design issues and tasks as well as just generally how to start being involved. There’s a video zoom recording here
    Passcode to view is: RPjeb&3X

Linux Health SIG quick update

  • How can I fund someone at half time to help on this because 1-8 hours is tricky.
  • Eriol is gonna share some rough onboarding processes they use with Mutual.aid and open food network

Crap, missed… again.

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Oh it’s that time again! the monthly call is tomorrow Wednesday the 5th of May at 18.00 GMT UK time and 19.00 CET EU time!

check here for a link to the jitsi video room we chat in:Open Source Design monthly call - Open Source Design

Everyone is welcome! you don’t have to have been to a meeting before and we welcome new folks to join and chat! : )

You can scroll back up in this thread to get an idea of what we typically chat about.

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May 5th 2021

Mini intros round!
Briefly intro’d the core group: Open Source Design core team


  • Eriol is now gonna close jobs that haven’t responded to the emails re. jobs being closed

  • The github bug is becoming more of a problem: Bug when inputting GitHub handle (?) · Issue #321 · opensourcedesign/ · GitHub can we pay to have it fixed?

  • Is there an easier way to create job requests? Posting jobs is a bit hard for people still - Can we spend money improving it and making it easier?

  • The pull request after submitting the form is pretty invisible to the job poster.

  • Is there an open source job board tool?

  • We like that it opens a discourse post on the forum to build community.

  • We want for Jobs:

    • Structure of a form.
    • x-post to the forum
    • Easy way to see status of job for poster of job.
    • Easy way to update for the poster of job.
    • Review stage for the job so that abuse is avoided.
  • AP: Eriol will make a github issue for the jobs page ‘wants’ and also make a discourse post < DONE

We could spend money on this to be improved! > Add to the spending money discourse thread: Let's spend some money! 🤑️

Nextcloud for OSD

Website updates

  • No big updates, people are working on the things in previous meeting notes
  • Core group discussed Matomo and analytics and metrics: Some differences in thoughts, Mention of for non-tracked, anon info. 'We would like to know info like ‘we had 600 visitors in May 2021 etc.’
  • So maybe an “investigation into how we can get basic (to be defined) analytics…with the possibility (if people agree) to put into place basic metrics”.
  • AP Eriol: Open up a dedicated forum thread about this analytics conversation. < DONE


Spending money

  • Shall we spend a whole meeting on spending money?
  • Request that we be hyper-specific on what we want to spend it on. $5k
  • Spending on individuals vs. the collective.
  • What incentives do we need to give to have the website worked on.


  • Import/Export in is not supported yet.
  • Jan has set up a team and if you send your email to him then he’ll add you
  • Eventually, move the designs from Figma
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itttttttts Monthly call time again!

This call the core team would really like to focus on what we can do with our Open Collective funds

We started the thread here: Let's spend some money! 🤑️ - #8 by Erioldoesdesign

Would be great to see folx there, especially the @core-group (sorry for the ping!) :see_no_evil:

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Yup, yup, I’ll be there assuming nothing mad happens. :laughing:

I wrote some things that we might be able to use our funding for, I’ve posted them in the Let's spend some money! 🤑️ - #8 by Erioldoesdesign thread.

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Jenkins community experience of how they spend their funding

  • they’re similar to OSD - most infra is sponsored, they get donations and for the scale of the project (thousand of users) it’s tiny
  • they use their funding to pay for the projects own needs
  • they are covered in project roadmap, outreach programmes (targeted mentorship) or swag

The alternative is to use funding for covering infrastructure costs, day-to-day (subscriptions)

About mentorships, and outreach, they’ve had experience with Hacktoberfest

  • Last year Hacktoberfest lead to ~ 400k pull requests as an event

Oleg’s comments are Hacktoberfest is good for one time contributions (you probably won’t get long term).

His recommendations are more towards mentorships/Summer of design/Halifax Mentorship (GSOC as a service).

June 2nd 2021

Mini intros round!
Briefly, intro’d the core group: Open Source Design core team

How to spend money

Additional thoughts on spending money

Open Source Design program

  • Summer of open-source design might only be able to be funded for 1-2 years
  • Eriol is talking to folks at Sim Sec re. Underexposed: Building a Movement for Secure UX – Simply Secure as a template of design internships
  • Conferences and companies ask us to deliver sessions and curate tracks so why don’t we reach out for funding to manage the continuing of this kind of work.
  • Summer of usability program was time consuming and expensive: (PDF) Usability and Open Source
  • Outreachy is expensive £6k for an intern
  • GSoC could grow more design.
  • Can we dedicate time into this?
  • Partnering with another OSS project and pitch in part of the funds - umbrella org approach

Alternative to internship

  • Pick jobs on board and pay to have them done.
  • Complications around mentoring, coaching, choosing jobs and choosing who fills them.
  • Bounties are complex - are they contributions? or ‘Freelance jobs’ are you really ‘part of the project’ doesn’t work with a design process. Project doesn’t gain a new

New jobs board iteration

  • Funding the design & development of the new jobs board iteration
  • Scope for the jobs page
  • Fund that process that we advocate
  • Could we even do this before the whole website redesign?
  • Submission flow & Staticman
  • Then how jobs are displayed
  • AP: Eriol will look at the issues that already exist about web page design, job page improvements and then start to build a collaborative brief. DONE

Accessibility review of website

  • Producing educational material of this
  • Could detail the issues that we don’t have on accessibility add them to the repo
  • Scoped well and not too scope creepy

Other potentials from the doc

  • From the idea doc there are:

  • Open Source Design summit

  • Sponsor designers to go to OSS conferences + travel grants if in person events

  • Sponsor conferences on behalf of Open Source Design

  • Investigate providing infrastructure/proof of concept infrastructure for designers? tools etc.

  • Carry out some research on design in FOSS

  • AP: Eriol: Will set up an anon poll so everyone can choose what they would like to see funded and we can re-convene next month to see whether we are content wth a majority vote or not! < DONE

Mini intros round!
Briefly, into the core group: Open Source Design core team

Finished and updates on AP’s from the last meeting:

  • Sapatak is still working on a few PR’s and issues re repo merging and also redesign work.

  • Eriol: Will set up an anon poll so everyone can choose what they would like to see funded and we can reconvene next month to see whether we are content with a majority vote or not! < DONE

  • AP: Eriol will look at the issues that already exist about web page design, job page improvements and then start to build a collaborative brief. DONE

How to spend money

  • Some votes on the poll and there was some clarification on the options that Eriol made edits to
  • How long to keep it up? We loosely agreed another month and a half and review in August’s community call and September’s call can be the final one.
  • There are a couple of spending options that are ‘time sensitive’ e.g. collaborating with outreach on a fellowship/internship but they do two rounds per year so we won’t miss out, just have more time to prep.
  • Our money won’t disappear or be wasted if we don’t spend in a particular time frame so we can wait.
  • Eriol fixed the poll link in Nextcloud (sorry it was not public!) Vote on the poll by clicking here please!
    - AP: Eriol will create a discourse post for just the poll to vote on money spend and we could decide to tweet it too?

Repo stuff

  • Eriol cleaned up some issues, closed some old ones, commented on some, added a couple of new issues, responded to comments and request to pick up issues and started creating epics for collections of issues (using Zenhub extension)
  • lots of people want to pick up issues which is great! but we need more folks to lead on certain issues and tasks to guide and approve and review.
  • Should we look at ‘recruiting’ more code-related helpers to review PR’s and other things that are more code based?


  • Eriol has written 3 articles so far which you can read here:
  • Article wrap up from FOSS Backstage in PR form here and the first on the riseup document here
  • Mozfest 2021 UX Clinic wrap up second on the riseup document here (scroll down)
  • An article about the history of open-source design in response to this issue (also on the riseup document)
  • An outline of 'How to create a successful job on Open Source Design and get healthy contributions**

Jobs update

  • Eriol has messaged ALL JOBS! this is all people that have ever posted a job on
  • See the google spreadsheet here
  • All jobs authors that have not responded by Saturday the 11th of July will be closed!
  • Eriol is working on the Jobs page epic here via a Figma file here (which will eventually be migrated to our open source design team).
    - AP: Someone needs to check the jobs repo listing that are ‘closed’ match those listed on our jobs page live.
    - AP: Eriol will migrate this google spreadsheet to the open-source design nextcloud account at some point soon.
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