Open Source Design brand, identity, logo, name and acronym

From under Open Source Design needs a new logo · Issue #68 · opensourcedesign/organization:

… bikeshedding … Let’s just make it compatible with OSI and get over with it.

Much of what I refrained from adding might have been bike shed chat.

For now (whilst the forum is not open to the public) I have simply experimented with one of the logos that were presented; I’ll take a screenshot to GitHub.


I actually quite like the logo in this context.


I think we either have to first decide whether we appoint this to someone to act on or whether we want to let it be a free for all and everyone submits ideas and then come a date we all vote.

An idea: do we use the brush logo inside of a variety of shapes? I feel like that would go well with the identity that had already been explored here.

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I have various thoughts, plus a bunch of things to provoke thoughts from other people, but I’m restraining myself until after an agreement is reached in the GitHub area.

So we’re going to wait for that topic to close and a new logo to be picked there?

Before opening of this forum

We should use, here, whatever is agreed in the GitHub area.

In the meantime I do like the hexagon. I see nothing troubling about it.

Post opening

I take the thumbs up at as an early indication that OSD community members who have an interest in the logo might be happy to take things forward in this forum.

While there is no agreement on the new logo, we should use what we currently use on our website, Twitter and Github: The existing circle logo.

There is no agreement at all yet about the hexagon, which just has too much of a »node.js« touch. Please use the Open Source Design logo at :slight_smile: – until we agree on a real new logo there should be no fragmentation of identity.

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  1. wide rectangular, to appear initially at top left

I spent around half an hour seeking a rectangular version. Amongst the finds, led to but that page probably related to things such as Logos · Issue #18 · opensourcedesign/

In the meantime I’ll use a copy of for both purposes.

As much as I share the wish for consistency, I also wish to respect the OSI; to not open this forum to the public until after agreement has been reached on a change.

To further promote the existing logo, in an additional channel, after attention has been drawn to a licensing issue, might be perceived as disrespectful.

From my perspective: one of the issues is respect for the OSI.

If there’s a majority wish to open the forum with the contentious logo, I’ll not veto.

@grahamperrin I thought it was the github_client_thingy that was holding things up. I think deciding on a new logo will take too long. If the current logo is a problem, can we just go with no logo?

Patience, please, folks :slight_smile:

If we’re lucky, Patrick Masson might reply today.

Certainly the site will function with none of the logos. Please see the explanatory texts beneath the fields in the Required section of site settings.

During the period when changes to DNS were awaited, the period during which I refrained from gaining access, the appearance of the site was almost exactly as suggested by those texts. As far as I recall, there was one exception – if I can find a screenshot, I’ll add it here.


The exception was the favicon, which had a Discourse identity to it. Visible in the cropped screenshot at

Just by the way, I’d say that we should use the »OSD« acronym as little as possible and use »Open Source Design«. It’s much easier to understand and there’s only few cases (not enough space) where it’s apt to use the acronym. »OSD« by itself is a very »in-crowd« term and is not understandable by outsiders on its own.

Also, OSD already stands for other things like »On-screen display« and »Open Source Definition«. :wink:



Multiple meanings of OSD are amongst the comments that I’m holding back. Whilst I continue to hold back, I’d love other people to keep this topic lively. Thanks.

Back, for a moment, to the quote from the opening post:

… bikeshedding … Let’s just make it compatible with OSI and get over with it.

To all current and future readers of this topic

The call to vote under Open Source Design needs a new logo · Issue #68 · opensourcedesign/organization:

  • began on the afternoon of Tuesday 11th April (16:14 GMT+1)
  • was edited one day ago
  • observes a two-week by-law.

Experimental use of a square-shaped logo for this forum:

  • began on the evening of Tuesday 11th April.

On one hand:

  • I agree with (amongst other things) people’s desire to refrain from fragmentation.

On the other hand:

  • the experimental fragmentation (the square) here in this forum was, and is, observable publicly in at least two places – one of which is the preparations … issue in GitHub
  • as far as I can tell, those placements did not generate dissent about the fragmentation – preparations were treated as complete.

If this forum moves very quickly to go-live with the square-shaped logo:

  • I doubt that the move will be perceived as disrespect for the voting period
  • the move can, I think, be treated as (amongst other things) positive pursuit of progress – not constrained by Parkinson’s law of triviality – and bolstering of respect towards the Open Source Initiative.

If you have any objection to a rapid go-live with the square-shaped logo that is currently seen, please raise that objection now.

Thank you, everyone!

This was resolved by using the interim square logo as we also do everywhere else.


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