Open Source Design Bangalore

Dear community,

Milap here from India, I design at eGovernments Foundation. I have been a part of this amazing community for a few years now. I see 37 teams are listed from different countries. I and a few friends of mine thought to initiate open source design bangalore chapter.

Why Bangalore Chapter?

  • Bengalore has about 35-40% of the software engineers in the country.
  • It has the most number of software companies established.
  • Also, Bengaluru is the most preferred entrepreneurial Hub in India. Infosys, Wipro, Biocon, Flipkart all started here.
  • IT Infrastructure is well established - with plenty of tech parks. The real estate boosted the IT Infrastructure.
  • Bangalore has an amazing design communities like IxDA BLR, Dribbble BLR, DesignUP, UXIndia, HashGeek.

Open Source Design Bangalore Team

Our goals, key results and code of conduct would be the same as this community has you can check here.


Milap Bhojak, Design at eGov foundation
Antriksh Kumar, Design at eGov foundation
Dhvanil Patel, Design at Playment

Let me know your thoughts. Let’s bring more design in open source together :slight_smile:



Good luck with your local meetups. Send some pictures :slight_smile: you can send PRs to have the event listed on the website.


Thanks, @evalica. Sure I will do that :slight_smile:

@milapbhojak good stuff! :slight_smile: We could create a “Bangalore” category inside of “Events” that you could use for coordination and communication?