Open call for contributions: Surfacing Quality Content and Conversations

Hi everyone!

Mozilla launched a crowdsourcing contest that asks the question: “How can browser technology amplify credible and quality content and conversations?” You can find full details, including prizes available, criteria and submission information here.

Please, consider submitting an idea!
Contest closes July 11th, winners contacted July 24th.

Longer version:

Imagine the web you want, the web the world needs

Imagine the web that is not an overwhelming blur of advertising, fake news, hate and toxic social media, but a place where meaningful and credible content is easily found. A place where everyone feels safe, empowered, and accurately informed.

Unfortunately, this is not the web we have today. The problems plaguing the web are magnified by the economy that benefits from engagement of the most extreme, attention-grabbing material, which results in a decline in civil, informed discourse both online and offline.

Large tech companies are the primary owners of the problem. They have solutions, too, but they are often reluctant to implement these solutions because that may put their business interests at risk. Many, existing solutions largely focus on ad hoc efforts to remove or filter content, an approach that is clearly inadequate and also threatens free expression and the open internet ecosystem.

Instead of asking how we can filter hateful and misleading content, it’s time to ask: How can browser technology amplify credible and quality content and conversations?