Non Free/Open Source Tools

(Brennan Novak) #1

Hi all. I am curious the pulse and thoughts on how / where / and if we discuss or list interesting design tools that unfortunately :crying_cat_face: are not Free / Open Source.

I was checking out one made by an acquaintance of mine called Subform… it’s a really slick + interesting UI / UX design tool aimed at making multiple resolution interfaces super easy and beautiful.

I see value in sharing tools like this, even if they are not Free / Open in that they are new paradigms of tools and interesting to consider as designers. Perhaps simple this thread is enough to keep track of such things?

(Philip Durbin) #2

Could work. Or maybe we should have a category called “Proprietary Tools” to keep it all in one neat little box, separate from the open source stuff. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to move my post about InVision into such a category: InVision (