New York, NY, USA

(Julien Deswaef) #6

Hello @isa, great to hear. If you’d like to participate in the organization of the event, send me your email via PM so we can talk this further. Looking forward to meet you.

(Dina Michl) #7

Hi Julien,
I messaged on twitter that I’d like to attend this meet up and meet everyone. Count me in, I look forward to meeting everyone!

(Julien Deswaef) #8

Hello @Eadberht
Welcome here. With @iamjessklein we are in the process of defining our intentions with this meetup. If you want to join in this process, let me know of your email in DM and I’ll include you in our conversations.

(Dave Crossland) #9

I’d like to join the meet up :slight_smile:

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #10

@xuv @iamjessklein also feel free to have that discussion here in the open so other interested people can join in. :slight_smile: It’s how we usually do everything in Open Source Design because it’s very inclusive.

For example, @dmichl asked how we run the Berlin meetup and here’s some pointers: Berlin, Germany

In any case let us know when it’s starting so we can tweet it out and get open source designers to join. :slight_smile:

(Julien Deswaef) #11

Thanks @jan for the tips. It took us a little while to organize. But here is our official invitation:

Dina (@dmichl), Jessica (@iamjessklein) and Julien (@xuv) are calling Open Source Design enthusiasts living in NYC and around to join us for our first meetup. This will be an introduction meeting and we want to use it to define the direction and themes we want to explore in the future with this gathering.

The meetup will take place in ThoughtWorks offices, 99 Madison Avenue on Wednesday 27th of September, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Please announce yourself beforehand by leaving a comment in this thread.

See you there.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #12

Great to hear! :rocket: Would be cool if you can also add that event to our events page at – simply copy one of the event posts in and replace the filename and details. :slight_smile:

Also tweeted about it from out @opensrcdesign account, please retweet and like!

(Julien Deswaef) #13

Just made a PR on the events repository :slight_smile:

(Bud Parr) #14

Hi. I’m a web designer and developer and I contribute to an open source project and I host my own Meetup related closely to open source software. I’m hoping to make it to the Meetup tomorrow.

(Julien Deswaef) #15

Great. See you tomorrow then.

(Willy Karam) #16

I’d like to join as well. See you on Weds @ Thought Works.

(Brian Carr) #17

Looking forward to attending tonight.

(Bud Parr) #18

Unfortunately, I’m not going to make it after all. Will try the next one!

(Dave Crossland) #19

Was great to meet folks there last week :slight_smile:

What are the follow-up action items? :slight_smile:

(Julien Deswaef) #20

Hey all.

We’re preparing a little blogpost or write up of what was discussed. But we can already announce the following meetup: Nov 9th. Same place. More info will be posted soon.


(Dave Crossland) #21

Sweet! Sadly I will be out of town in CA that date :frowning:

(Julien Deswaef) #22

Just want to keep everybody’s heads up. During our last meetup, we planned for the next one, in December.
So book the date: Dec 14th, 2017. Same place.
More info will follow.

(Dina Michl) #23

great thanks for confirming i’ll make up the eventbrite and open source
.net posts today :stuck_out_tongue:

Should we do licensing or next steps as our topic?

(Julien Deswaef) #24

I believe it’s Atul who is going to speak… but not sure exactly about the content. I remember something around accessibility. But I might be wrong.

(Dina Michl) #25

that’s fine, thanks, i’ll cnf with Atul too