Monthly Open Source Design call

Ah sorry, I’m at a workweek and totally missed it. :confused:

@elioqoshi is all set for the summit or should we have a call?

No problem - it also doesn’t need to be a call, the forum would also work fine.
I guess I’m just curious about what the plans are for the summit, if there’s anything that we can help with, if there are particular topics that people want to work on, etc.

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Sorry, I missed this as well.

All is good to go for the summit. Content depends purely on all of us so feel free to design that yourself or just arrive and do a full unconference style session format.

We only have some logistical things to do (catering, some printouts) and some outreach to local designers and the local hackerspace. @mariana will help with that as well I hope.

For website related changes @AnXh3L0 can do PR’s with updates

We also have a photographer who will be around all Saturday to take photos of the event and headshots (if you like)


Is there a monthly call scheduled for Feb 2019? I’m keen to check back in with how things are :smiley:

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According to the next one is planned for 6 March.

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Is there the monthly meeting today/now?

I’ve got the Open Source Design call as on today at 18.00 GMT is this on?

It’s always on the first Wednesday of the month, 19:00 CET (Berlin, Amsterdam, etc.) :slight_smile:

I unfortunately was out that Wednesday, and will be traveling next month too. Who was in the call?


As you can see we haven’t been very consistent with the calls anymore. If you’d like to do some light scheduling of them and take the lead on them, I think that would be more than welcome!


@elioqoshi I can totally do that :smiley:


Great! I think at this point it might be a better idea to vote on a new time with a Doodle (or something else. we need an OS doodle alternative!). Happy to help if you need something :slight_smile:

Hey folks :wave:

The monthly call is scheduled to happen today at 18.00pm GMT which I believe is at 20.00 CEST.

link is:

I’ll be facilitating and I propose and agenda that looks like:

  • Intros
  • Latest happenings on the forums and Open Design Projects
  • AOB

Hey everyone!

The monthly call is due to happen today at CEST 19.00 // GMT 18:00 // IST 22.30 // JST 02.00 // EAT 18.00 // EDT 13.00 // PDT 10.00

I’ll be on the call in the room at this time hosting:

I propose the same agenda as last time:

As with last month if nobody shows up in the first 15 mins to 20 mins I’ll leave the call :slight_smile:

Hopefully see some people there!

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Thanks for this, @Erioldoesdesign

I think I can make this one! :slight_smile:

Quick question: can you explain what AOB/Tensions is about?

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Ah AOB & Tensions are a hangover from my day to day job.

Just if anyone has any other business or tensions they want to raise in the group it gives space for non-agenda related items

The monthly call is today, right? Or did anything change schedule-wise meanwhile? :slight_smile:

@jan Yep the call is tonight at 18.00 BST so 19.00 CEST (I think! if my math is correct!)

Speak to folks on the call later. Let’s check in with notes from last month and see if there’s any key actions to carry forward

Sup cool cool people! The call is coming round again (Wednesday 6th November at 18:00 GMT // 19:00 CEST // 23:30 IST // 14:00 EST // 11:00 PST // 21:00 EAT // 00:00 JST)

Annnnnnd let’s think agenda!

  • Apache con < How did this go!? I’m super keen to hear

  • Mozfest < Also how did this go? I have some nice updates :smiley:

  • All things open conf < I spoke to some good folks at this conf and there are some opportunities for collaboration!

  • DesignUP conference in Bangalore

  • Open UP! Summit in Taipei

  • CA/SF Bay Area meet up

  • Is the repo cloning working now?

  • Are there active issues to work on to support OSD stuff?

  • Something re. Governance docs

  • AOB

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Somehow I managed to forget the call again. Oh well, there is always next month :upside_down_face:

can we add to the agenda an item for the OSD Bay Area meetup?

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