Monthly call notes – 2017-02-14

Come join our monthly calls – more info on the monthly call event page :phone: :slight_smile:

Participants: @evalica, @simonv3, @jdittrich, @richardlitt, @ryangorley, @jdorfman, Arul


  • How was FOSDEM? What’s next?
  • Automated created issues for proposals, feedback for our job board entries: jobs#139
  • Design Feedback solution organization#48
  • What’s the OSI joining status?
  • What do we do with our open collective money?
  • An automated way of signing up members.


  • FOSDEM Went well! Plans are in the works for FOSDEM 2018.
  • We’ll see if there’s a way to automatically create issues. @RichardLitt is going to give his thoughts on this
  • opensourcedesign/taskforce sounds good!
  • Want an update about the OSI status. Ping @jan and @jdorfman should talk about this
  • Talk to @jdorfman at stickermule for open source design stickers!
  • Create a page for “where do you donate” and which projects you should and can donate to. More actively use the funding the repo. @RichardLitt is going to give some ideas in an issue in the funding repo.
  • Simon will create an issue for doing the automated joining.

Next meeting: 7 March 2017, 19:00 PM Berlin time

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