Monthly call notes – 2016-12-06

Come join our monthly calls – more info on the monthly call event page :phone: :slight_smile:

Second ever monthly meeting! :slight_smile:


  1. Talk to Wikimedia folks @jdittrich.
  2. FOSDEM #41 stuff @evalica.
    1. Proposals: FOSDEM Talks Spreadsheet
      – Discuss about the default proposals + Decide on the responsible people + Add them to Penta
      – Vote + decide on the final sessions (14-16) and schedule
    2. Stickers #43: Talk about OpenCollective and the stickers design/order
      – Agree to spend money on the stickers
      – Decide on the stickers logo (Jan got an email from the Open Source Initiative about that btw, we should talk about what to reply)
      – See who can do it + Talk about the reimbursement process
    3. Dinner: Discuss about the Designers Dinner on Friday before FOSDEM
  3. OpenCollective Interview questions available here Deadline: 8 Dec


Participants: @evalica, @simonv3, @ei8fdb, @gilli, jdittrich, @jan, @andreasn, @eppfel
Next meeting: 10 January 2017, 19:00 Berlin

  1. Wikimedia: We didn’t had any guests from Wikimedia so we postpone it for next meeting.
    1. Spreadsheet:
      – We are going to wait 2 more days to have more votes. After that we will validate the schedule. Deadline: 8 Dec
      – We need a volunteer for the “Success Stories from our community” session. Who wants to help?
      – Since the sessions will be held on Sunday, it was stated that it would be better to start the schedule at 10:00. What do you prefer: starting at 10? or having 14 talks instead of 12?
    2. Stickers:
      – Apparently there is a problem with our logo resemblance with OSI logo. We might need to postpone the print of official stickers until we clarify the issue.
      – still ei8fdb is willing to have a very select batch of stickers for FOSDEM with our first logo
    3. Dinner:
      – The general opinion is that it would be very nice to meet again at dinner. We would need to create an issue to find out the number of participants and their diet preferences.
  3. OpenCollective Interview:
    – We started to answer the questions but we need more help in remembering things. Any help is appreciated in making the text more nice, more funny or more realistic.
    – Deadline is 8 Dec, so be fast

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