Monthly call notes – 2017-01-10

Come join our monthly calls – more info on the monthly call event page :phone: :slight_smile:



  2. Logo Status + OSI Affiliation
  3. Multiple licensing across repos (MIT, AGPL-3.0, Apache-2.0, etc.)
  4. Meeting software: instead of, or other proposal, mentioned by realitygaps and cketti
  5. Discuss getting ‘opensourcedesign’ id on Twitter (@ references GitHub and Twitter accounts, but in our case the ids are not the same)
  1. Schedule Status
  2. Dinner Status
  3. [Group] sessions Status
    1. Our Open Source Design collective by jancborchardt
    2. “Success Stories from our community” session expectations @evalica
      1. Discuss JOB graphs + Success rate
      2. Other sources: Twitter, Google Analytics, …
      3. OpenHub stats and repo claim
    3. “Feedback” session expectations @evalica


Participants: @andreasn, @jan, @jdittrich, @eppfel, @evalica, @simonv3

Summary (feel free to edit and add):

  • We use »Open Source Design« as name and »opensourcedesign« as usernames everywhere. Twitter limits the length of a username to x amount of characters, which is why we have @opensrcdesign on there. Rarely do we use »OSD« when titles are cut short, preferable is always the full readable name.
  • @eppfel (Felix) will take initiative on talking about success stories based on the jobs board on his pad (feel free to join in).
  • Possibly reach out to Open Design folks about using the openhub username:
  • It’s fine to use multiple license across multiple repos. Preferred are AGPLv3+ and MIT.
  • We’ll try using jitsi next month:
  • We’re going to join the OSI as affiliate. Also see logo discussion @jan will take next steps. FWIW: @simonv3 is willing to sit in on a committee with them so you can add me as well.

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