Keynote on Open Source and UX at Ohio Linux Fest Sep 30

Hey, I’m giving a keynote at Ohio Linux Fest this coming Saturday. I have a recorded rough dry run of the talk that I made; it’s an hour long (I’m working on cutting it down for the final talk.)

I was wondering if anybody here would have some time to take a listen and let me know how it could be better, what I got wrong, what I left out, etc. Let me know and I can send you the link. I don’t want to just post it here and send it out broadly since it’s rough.

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Oh sure, please send me the link. I’m actually from Columbus and I know at least one person who’s probably going so I’ll put a bug in his ear that he should try to attend if he can. It would be nice to go some year (I’ve heard good things) but I’ll be giving my own talk in San Francisco next week! Great artist steal, and I’m sure I’ll hear plenty of good ideas in your talk.

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@mairin I’d also be interested in the link. is the best address to reach me.

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Sent to both of you! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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I’ll never compete with sketchnotes like but here’s mine from watching your talk:


I didn’t leave myself enough room, and had to cram stuff in all over. It’s a sign of a good talk that you have so much to say!

The topic is user experience and open source and I think you nailed it. Lots of good ideas. As a developer rather than a designer, what really resonated with me was the part near the end about design culture, especially the “no ace in the hole” concept and how I should be supporting designers. Also, designers like a big reveal but I’m much more oriented toward pushing whatever works to GitHub and then fixing it up later.

It’s certainly a challenge to enable UX contributions because of the depth and commitment it takes.

A few nitpicks or bits of feedback:

  • Please go ahead and look up the most recent IRC RFC if you’re going to talk about it early in your talk.
  • The UX Debt slide has a distracting “to no twork” typo.
  • There’s no way I can read the long quote by Steve Vassallo and actually listen to what you’re saying.
  • Generally, I think there’s too much tempting text to read on slides. When you read you aren’t listening according to about this and I think it’s right. I’m guilty of having lots of text on slides in the past but I’m trying to reform my ways.
  • The Open Source Job board does accept paid gigs. It’s not all “gratis” as you implied but if you look I bet it’s 90% gratis or more.
  • A few too many “ums”.

Please take these nitpicks constructively. Overall it was a great talk! I think you’ve done a great job of presenting the UX perspective to open source people who might not know much about it. Great work.

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@mairin how did the talk go? Do you plan to share your slides?

It went well, I think! I got a lot of questions that were good, and a lineup of people outside afterwards for more q’s /discussion. I think it got folks thinking which was my aim. Your feedback and Tess’ feedback were right on and I think I applied most if not all of it. Here is the link to the slides:

I know video was recorded and some of the videos have started getting posted so when this one does I’ll followup with the link.


@mairin these slide are great. What did you use to make them? I’m glad the talk went well and I’m looking forward to the video!

I’ve got some bad news for you. I checked with my friend who is an organizer and your talk wasn’t recorded. :frowning:

I think your practice talk was great an inspired me to quote you in an article I just posted about transparency which I mentioned at Transparency in design . I think you should consider posting your practice talk, but it’s up to you, of course!

Good news! @mairin gave a similar talk at LibrePlanet last weekend and this time it was recorded!