Kactus: (visual) Version Control within Sketch

Just came across this open source plugin for Sketch which integrates git, allows different people to merge their work, and view version-controlled changes visually. Now, obviously this is made for one proprietary tool (Sketch), and only available on a proprietary platform (Mac), and it integrates with a proprietary service (Github)… but good to see progress being made by anyone in this direction:


Medium article

Source code

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If anyone interested, you should be able to do almost the same already with SVG and github/gitlab. https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/merge_requests/637

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I am very interested!

But I don’t quite understand what’s happening in the link you sent (I’m not a coder). Is this implemented? Can I use it on Gitlab.com or do I need to self-host a custom Gitlab install?

If I look at one of my recent commits with a changed SVG file, I think I only get the differences in XML form…?

Oh, sorry, I was wrong!
Can only be done in github so far.