Inkscape Vectors Meeting

Hello all!
Our monthly meeting for the Inkscape Vectors team is coming up this Saturday. You can find details here:

We’re always interested in new perspectives and support. The team takes on a variety of tasks ranging from community outreach, to promotion, to user advocacy, to branding. If you’re available please consider joining us for an hour.

If you can’t make it, but want me to keep you in the loop in the future, just shoot me a message.


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Thanks Ryan! Seems I missed this however. I wasn’t aware of the meetings up till now.

@AnXh3L0 and me are definitely interested. Would be happy to join next time :slight_smile:

We’d love to have you! I just sent you and @AnXh3L0 invites to our GitLab repo where we conduct most of our business ( You both could add great perspective. The next meeting is March 3rd.

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Lovely thanks!

Related to this, is there any possibility we could refresh the Inkscape logo on the home page and splash screen eventually? I did proposals for the FLOSS Graphics Software 2 years ago but without much success:

There was even a Reddit thread bashing me :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is awesome! Sorry I didn’t see this response earlier. Yeah, I feel pretty strongly about shifting away from the faux-3D logo. Going to press that during the hackfest in a couple weeks.

We lost you and @AnXh3L0 at the last meeting. You guys plan to come again?

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I saw this late as well.

Yeah we were there but Jitsi was quite problematic. Would love to come again! Will manage to find out how to join the Mattermost instance in the meantime

There’s more activity on GitLab usually, but you can join Mattermost here:

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I noticed! I had emails enabled for that which I disabled now :stuck_out_tongue:
Will join the discussion there as soon as I get a chance this week