Inkscape 1.0 Released!

Hello All,
Many here are interested not only in design for open source software, but design with open source software. In light of that, you will be excited to learn that Inkscape has reached it’s 1.0 release milestone:

With the hurdle of switching to GTK+ 3 done, the development team is looking ahead at features like CMYK support, multi-page support, and more. It would be a great time to get involved with the project. Come stop by to connect with us.



Amazing work that you and the team have done on this release, @ryangorley - congratulations on 1.0, I’ve been using the beta & rc versions and loving it. I’m sure that this will usher in an exciting new era for Inkscape :slight_smile:


Awesome! The new features brought Inkscape to a whole new level. Congarts to all the team, contributors and (myself inclluded) users! Great to see it leaving the 0.xx versions.