Inkscape 1.1 Release

Hello All,
On behalf of the Inkscape project I’d like to let you all know that Inkscape 1.1 is now available to download for Linux, Windows, and macOS here: Download Inkscape 1.1 | Inkscape

Inkscape 1.1 is packed with many new features, stability improvements, and performance enhancements. A video introduction is available at: Inkscape 1.1 is here! - YouTube. An article outlining some of the most exciting improvements can be read at: Welcome to Inkscape 1.1! | Inkscape

For those who don’t know, Inkscape is free and open-source software. It is created and distributed by a passionate community of volunteers. We do this work so that artists, designers, makers, students and anyone may draw freely. Thank you for helping us reach even more people by sharing the news.


Sooo happy about the new docking mechanism

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It’s an awesome release, congratulations to the team!
Love the design and usability improvements, specially the docking mechanism and the welcome settings.

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