Infrastructuring for Crowdsourced Co-Design

Hi everyone,
I’m currently doing my master’s thesis about Infrastructuring for Crowdsourced Co-Design. I would like to find out about your current development process and methods for user’s feedback. It would great if take part on the initial survey:

Thank you.

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Could you provide some background to the project in another thread? I suppose, some fellow designers would be interested and would also be able to provide feedback and/or useful views.

The proposed platform is going to be an open source tool to allow designers/developers to communicate easily with the community not only by allowing feedback (comments, sketches, annotations., …) but by permitting prototyping. Usually platforms that allow co-design are for a small group of users (4-5) and if they allow crowdsourcing they do not allow co-design. With this platform users will not only be able to give feedback but will also have the capacity to request features and change the characteristics of a design.

The prototyping sounds exiting. One issue that I think about a lot related to co-design: Often, people wish for features and also design them into their suggestions. It is often not possibly to build it in the wished-for way (or collides with other users’ wishes). This is not surprising: Users are experts in being users (and we should consider this better!), not in creating software. Is this something you consider to tackle?

Yes, different tool exist for prototyping usually permitting only a small group of designers. Not every wish or feature users want can be accomplished, however as designers or developers we should be able to distinguish what our users want or expect. With this platform we could see tendencies, what one community (as a whole) expects, to accommodate and modify our systems or maybe creating new ones satisfying the needs of the community.

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