I just started work on my first official, full time paid Open Source Design position!

I’ve been on this forum for awhile, though I can’t really say I’ve been super active or involved in the OSD org itself.

I’ve tried my hand at open source design stuff in various ways. I tried volunteering for a UX project for Thunderbird back in 2019, I have tried to lend a hand to a couple of different projects that I liked, nothing has really stuck though. I’ve open sourced some of my own work and I volunteer outside of work with some activist orgs that do open source stuff. But this is my real “rubber meets the road” moment.

It will be the public website for the Department of Veteran Affairs under the US federal government. There’s a lot of interesting intersection between “how to do design in government tech” and “how to do design in open source” even when the govtech work isn’t itself open sourced.