FOSDEM 2019 Open Source Design organization

(Bernard Tyers) #22

Hi Dávid,

Yes the application did go through. Also so did the duplication. :wink:

Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch with you after the deadline closes.

(Bernard Tyers) #23

Quick update on devroom organising:

  • voting has closed on the talks
  • the schedule is now updating on the FOSDEM 2019 website
  • all submissions that haven’t made it have be contacted and where possible I’ve forwarded the submissions to other devrooms

Next thing is reserving dinner! :shallow_pan_of_food: :beer:

(Belen) #24

Quick update on the stand:

I’ve received all instructions from the organisers, which I’ve summarised below. Next things are:

  1. I will post a Doodle soon where you can specify your availability for the stand. I know everybody wants to be at the devroom on Saturday, and some of you have your own stands as well, but please do your best to reserve some time for the Open Source Design table! :slight_smile:

  2. It would be good to know who is bringing what to Brussels (stickers, etc). If you are bringing something, please comment in this thread.

Any questions or comments, let me know.

Stand instructions from the organisers

  • We will be located in the ground level of K1, just like last year. Our stand is no. 10 of Group C in the diagram below

  • Our stand should be up and ready by 10:00 am on Saturday

  • As usual, FOSDEM will provide a table (180x80 cm), a couple of chairs, a power socket and wifi connection.

  • The stand table cannot be moved, since locations take into account fire safety. We cannot attach anything to walls or windows.

  • Someone must be present at the stand at all times.

  • We must leave the building by 19:00 on Saturday, We can leave stuff overnight under the table as long as it is not valuable. We can also use the cloak room to leave stuff from 18:00, but we must collect it before 8:00 on Sunday.

  • On Sunday we need to be at the stand by 9:00

  • Tear down starts at about 17:00 on Sunday and should be done by 17:30

(Belen) #25

And here is the Doodle poll!

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #26

I’ll bring:

  • Stickers: ~300 regular logo stickers, ~300 logo stickers with black background, some other stickers. @elioqoshi please make sure you bring more from Tirana. :slight_smile: We should have at least 2000 stickers.
  • A small stand-up thingy for the table (like last year, in this photo on the bottom)
  • Some posters from FOSDEM and Summit 2017 which we can put on the pinboards and in front of the table. (And last year it was allowed on the windows but only with non-aggressive painters tape.)
  • Non-aggressive painters tape for those posters
  • Power extension cord with triple outlet – please also bring some more, as this seemed too short or not enough space.
  • No cards this time as I didn’t print new ones. Is there any interest in those?

(Belen) #27

Thanks @jan :slight_smile:

I think the cards are cool. Do we still have time to print some more? Who printed the previous ones and with which company?

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #28

I printed them at the print shop around the corner here. They can be done within a day, so easy. :slight_smile: Last time I printed 500, for 53 €:

If people agree they are nice, I could go for 1000 this time and people can also carry them as business cards? What do you think @evalica @dmichl @elioqoshi @bumbleblue and others? :slight_smile:

(Dina Michl) #29

Lovely idea, that would be great

(Belen) #30

Yep. I’d say go for it! :slight_smile:

(Belen) #31

Quick update on the stand shifts. According to the Doodle pool at these are the shifts covered so far:

With 2 people:

  • SAT 8-10
  • SUN 8-10
  • SUN 10-12

With 1 person (not ideal, but I guess it’ll have to do):

  • SAT 10-12
  • SAT 14-16
  • SUN 14-16:30


  • SAT 12-14
  • SAT 16-18
  • SUN 12-14

Only @jan, @evalica, @victoria-bondarchuk and myself have signed up for the stand so far. If you are coming to FOSDEM, please consider spending some time in the stand with us! :slight_smile: Go to the Doodle poll and sign up for the shift(s) that work for you.


(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #32

How about we send a mail to all the speakers asking them to ideally take at least one slot at the booth? It will help them get to know more open source designers at the booth and talk about design, which is what we want. :slight_smile:

(Belen) #33

@ei8fdb suggested that as well, so if both of you think it’s a good idea, happy to go for it. I would need some help from the people with Pentabarf access though, since I don’t have the list of speakers.

(Bernard Tyers) #34

@belenbarrospena I’ll send you the list of speakers and email addresses, all GDPR compliment of course!

It’ll be this evening…:wink:

(Elio Qoshi) #35

@AnXh3L0 and me are bringing over 4000 classic OSD stickers. Please find us if you need to get some to bring back where you came from.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #36

Good stuff @elioqoshi! Ideally drop around ~2000 at the booth and 1000 at the devroom, and we can distribute them from there. :slight_smile: I’m also bringing some but not nearly as many. :smiley: