First impressions (preview)

@jan sorry, immediately after the flag there was what I thought was a private message to you. I later realised that either (a) the system did not message you; or (b) rushed movement of things caused your name to be removed from the conversation (that certainly was not my intention).

Fixed; I remade the message. Awaiting your acknowledgement there.

The system did message me. I do not take issue with the message.

I do think however that flagging a post like this and subsequently hiding it is a wrong way to run a community, and we never ever deleted any post by any other person. Ever.
Because that’s not how we roll. It’s a collective run by everyone, not by single people deciding what goes in which topic. It’s built by all of us.

Hence I’d ask you to please display the post back again.

(If it sounds aggressive please be aware that this is not my intention, however I and some other core Open Source Design people – we are all volunteers – are putting a lot of time into resolving this discussion about doing things in public. Energy that could be more productively spent on driving things forward. Together.)

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Please observe what I respectfully suggested in the message, can you make that simple edition? Bear in mind, the suggestion is to decrease the likelihood of occurrences of what concerned you.

You flagged my post which was a perfectly normal remark as part of the discussion and as a result it got hidden/censored. That’s not in accordance with the open community we aim to run.

I will not reply to the private message you sent me about it – again, because there’s no reason to keep this private.

OK @elioqoshi I have changed the preference from 2, to 10. Thanks to folks Discourse Meta community for outstanding support (spot-on guidance within two minutes).

10 is, by default, the maximum, and can be more relaxed. @discourse please, what number might you recommend for a community such as this?

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I agree with @jan that as long as there are private or topics that are un-readable to the general public we should not be advertising this wider.

@grahamperrin, looking at the flagged post I’m not sure either why it was flagged. Can you unflag it please?

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I personally think 2 is fine. Especially if they are trust level 0. We try
to encourage users to read as much as possible and also to be patient with
responses since it is asynchronous communication and spamming @ mentioning
a bunch of users is not good behavior. But feel free to customize, since
every forum is different.

I think what’s different for Open Source Design and this specific situation is that we’re on-boarding a large group of users - who have past experience with this community and know its cadence and doings - all in one go. Maybe we can relax this standard for the next couple of days and then move it back up?


Too much to read, sorry. Maybe there is nothing new in my first impressions:

  • Header looks deserted. I would expect some kind of breadcrumb, and some default text next to the icon.
  • Welcome message contains the link “Open Source Design (forum)” but shows the external site in the same window. Better we open a new tab.
  • Start page throws all (new?) threads in my face. Way too many information with all the avatars. If we start with categories in h1 and some descriptive text it helps to understand what users are supposed to do here.
  • Wonder if replies are always just added to the time line or if there is a thread option. Otherwise we quickly run into trouble with lengthy discussions.

Great work anyway! A lot of cool helper tools :-).


A huge thank you to @bnvk for making the site public! Transparency is the Open Source Design way!

I’m a little troubled that a post above by @jan was flagged as off-topic and hidden since he is one of our founders and helps set the tone for the Open Source Design community. He linked to a topic ( ) that remains hidden. Censuring of a core member and secrets posts are completely outside of my of experience hanging out with this fantastic community for over two years. It’s a real head scratcher.

I’d sincerely like to thank the new people (@grahamperrin and @studiospring from what I can tell) who have worked so hard to set up this installation of Discourse, but it’s extremely important to remember that Open Source Design is an existing community, a well-functioning community with a strong sense of shared values and purpose. This new medium is off to a very rocky start with lots of drama and I blame the fact that it didn’t start open, which is our way. I’m hopeful that now that light and air are reaching this Discourse installation, the community will imbue it with our values and attract like-minded people. Now that our leaders, the core members, are admins, we can feel more assured that this forum will represent our community. Thank you!


Hey @htietze, it looks like @evalica restructured the home page to show both categories and the most recent posts (without all the image overload). What do you think?

Much better, although I don’t get the colors. Some minor mysteries makes the page interesting. :slight_smile:

But can’t we go with some kind of accordion or a tree and show the latest posts after one of the categories is opened/expanded/clicked? Plus, the filter above with ‘latest’ and ‘top’ could be implemented as a sort like Reddit does. Meaning you don’t see the 5 latest posts on click at the category Lounge, for instance, but the 5 hottest if the respective sort button is toggled on.

The header is still too empty when no topic is selected. I would show OSD in that case. And perhaps keep it as breadcrumb to go home.

Home was a topic and is still; not sure if clicking the logo is really bad but often it is prohibited by guidelines. And users may not be aware this link without any label (would be better with [OSD] next to the icon). The blue box with “Welcome to the Open Source Design forum!” misguides me to another page. I expected the link to stay on this page but never to load another site.

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Do you mean, to have the phrase Open Source Design alongside the square logo?

(Something like the first two of the three screenshots at but with the square instead of the hexagon – @htietze, please, do I understand correctly?)


I see your more recent comment,

Exactly, perhaps with no wordwrap. Either we replace the text by the chosen section (First Impressions, for instance) or we take it as root for a breadcrumb in order to improve the navigation. Clicking the brand logo is not recommended in general; would be an abuse of the basic identification for silly navigation.

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to get it a bit more illustrated:

You mean this, I assume:

I agree that it does look “empty”.

There is the alternative you talk about:

(being a snippet from the discourse prep github discussion )

If we include it also in the discussions, it could look like

Although, some arrangement like

could also be possible and take less space. (btw.: upload-from-clipboard is supported!)


Please review the pull request at where I add the needed logo.

@jdittrich such level of customization is not possible – and I also think not really necessary. :slight_smile: Maybe you want to get involved in Discourse UX?

Closing since all the initial feedback has been addressed. For further feedback, we can always open more topics in this forum feedback category. :slight_smile:

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