Dribbble on 'open design'

Thoughts team? I’ve already sent an email filling in some of the knowledge ‘gaps’ e.g. this community! (This is why I don’t get invited to parties…)


Thanks for pointing out opensourcedesign! I found the article okay, but pretty vague – it would have benefited from some more case studies or other graspable examples (the colorbox one was nice, though this is more an o.

I also found it ambiguous that they wrote “…it refers to the access and use of publicly shared design, without the need to possess any intellectual property rights of these assets.” Well, you might not own the copyright, but if you use the assets not just in private, you should have rights to use the assets.

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@jdittrich agreed re. publicly shared and rights ownership. I think there’s still a cultural gap and community gap in design about collaboration alongside open/public and sharing.

So I put my design ‘artefacts’ out there as ‘public’ I have rights to still use, remix and collaborate on those artefacts but by making them ‘open source’ under a license I offer the same rights to anyone who wants to do the same.

(this is me, still trying to understand and work with the licensing and many meanings of open, public, free and open source!) :joy:

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